Gadgets Can Cause Early Ageing!


How gadgets can cause early ageing!

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So, health experts have warned you in different ways against the use of electronic gadgets. But you never listened! Now, they are saying that excessive use of gadgets can cause early ageing! Ouch! People usually don’t bother about health but when it comes to ageing they are very touchy! Even I freaked out when a saw a strand of white hair on my head. We humans are simply not ready to accept the fact that we too will age and live in denial till it is too late :P. Now, if you reduce your usage of electronic gadgets you won’t age too quickly, at least that is what health experts have to say.

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Too much of mobile phone and tablet usage can cause a ‘tech neck’ which leads to early ageing signs. Health experts say that tech neck leads to sagging skin, fine lines, dropping jowls, frown lines lines on the neck and under eye bags. All this can seriously affect the looks of a person and you don’t want that to happen do you? People who are bend down for long hours while using a handheld electronic device such as a tablet or smartphone have more chances of getting wrinkles. When you bend down for long hours to text on your mobile, you will suffer from neck pain, shoulder pain and back pain, apart from headache, pain in arms, hands, wrist and elbows. If this is not enough, you can also have numbness and tingling sensation in the upper limb.

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The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) reported recently that the number of mobile internet users in India is expected to reach 371 million by the end of this month. 40% of the users are youngsters between the age of 19 to 30. That is nothing astonishing because people of this age group are often found fidgeting with their phone in metro trains, buses, and even while crossing roads. 😛 . They don’t make phone calls but prefer sending messages on WhatsApp. Health experts are of the opinion that the frequent forward bending causes a lot of changes in the spine, curve, ligaments, tendons and muscles This can cause a postural change.

People don’t seem to realize that they are negatively harming their neck bone as well as their skin. People obsessed with technology should do something and avoid the excessive usage of electronic gadgets. Usage of smartphones causes the shortening of neck muscles. It does not stop with that, excessive smartphone usage can increase the gravitational pull on the skin. You will end up with double chin, sagging skin and a drooping jaw line. Ewww! Medically, there is a name for these signs and it is called ‘smartphone face’! You better be careful if you don’t want to ruin your youth!

Minimize the usage of a smartphone or tab and spend more time with ‘real’ people. I say real here because you may otherwise mistake it for a skype chat! Build stronger bonds with your near and dear ones. Leave your smartphone or tab alone for a while!

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