Gain Weight With Indian Foods!


Gain Weight With Indian Foods!

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I know that a lot of people want to read posts related to weight loss but I also want to help fellow beings who are underweight as I empathize with them. Presenting a post on what all you should be eating to gain weight and don’t worry as all of it is completely Indian.

To gain weight it is essential that large portions of your food should be of high calories and they should help you pile on kilos. You cannot simply eat junk food to gain weight, remember that you need to be healthy too. Even those who are thin can end up having health problems that is caused by eating too many unhealthy fats and sugary foods. Our Indian food is mostly made with whole foods and has lots of vegetarian options. You can make nutrient-dense choices that help you reach your dream weight in a healthy way.

Increase portions and the number of snacks

You can gain up to half a kilo per week by adding 250 to 500 calories per day above what you are burning. For that you may need to add an extra snack or two per day or increase your portions at meals. Go in for dense fruits like papaya, avocado, pears, pineapples and bananas. Have preserved fruit in syrup or ‘murabba’ when you crave for something sweet. Murabba can be made out of amla, carrot or mango. It is a good snack for weight gain. Include a mix of nuts and dried fruits in your snacks. Have them stashed in a box and carry it along where ever you go.

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When you focus on increasing portions at meals, concentrate on eating more of calorie dense foods like grilled meats and starch veggies.

Increase calorie content

ghee does not nake you fat

If it is difficult to eat more due to your measly appetite, try increasing your calorie content of the food you eat. For instance, use desi ghee liberally when making dishes, try adding raw cashews or almonds to the curries you make. When making rotis at home you can add groundnuts, buckwheat (kuttu) or flax seeds to the dough. While making vegetarian dishes use chickpeas and soyabeans as they have more calories than other beans. Add a few nuts when you make pulav to increase your calorie content.

Guzzle down your calories

Lassi for healthy gut

Have mango lassi. You must have heard of it! But mango season has gone! However, you can have lassi to boost your calorie intake. Drink nut milks for a calorie boost. Avoid drinking anything along with your meal as you may become too full to eat your food.

Being vegetarian

Even if you don’t eat meat you can gain weight. Yoghurt based curries and paneer will help increase the calorie content. Veggies and fruits will help you reach your desired weight.

Go easy with the food

Start eating more and increase your calories slowly. It is not possible to gain weight overnight, so don’t trouble your digestive system. Go easy and add calorie dense foods one at a time.

The bottomline

Being thin doesn’t give you license to gorge on almost anything. You can easily eat unhealthy stuff like samosas or pakoras that result in consumption of unhealthy trans fat or saturated fat. Stick to calorie dense foods and increase your portion size. The biggest thing is that you should set up goals to gain weight and have confidence that you will accomplish your goals.

So, ready to gain weight with Indian foods?

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