Are Genes The Reason Behind Your Acne?


Are Genes The Reason Behind Your Acne? Find out!

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You can blame habits like picking at your face and going to sleep with makeup on for the blemishes you got. Most of us do that! However, what about those who follow all the good-skin rules but are still struggling with adult acne?

Are Genes The Reason Behind Your Acne?

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There is one commonly held theory that tells why some women are more likely to have pimples when compared to others and it is a reason you cannot alter – Genetics!

Though there is nothing called an ‘acne gene’, your hereditary makeup has elements that can put you at risk for zits. Experts say that you can have a tendency to develop cysts, a genetic disruption in the immune system, too much of androgen or excessive androgen sensitivity that causes acne. There exist a lot of different triggers that lead to acne, so genes have some sort of role to play.

However, this does not mean that your DNA is the one that controls the clarity of your complexion. Doctors are of the opinion that there are other factors that influence the way your genes express themselves and by God’s grace, they are things that are in our control.

How would you know if acne is in your genes? Please don’t think that you are struggling with acne just because your brother or sister had breakouts as teenagers. There are cases where patients have a long family history of acne but that is not a reason in itself for a person to develop it.

Other skin experts say that acne is genetic, but to a certain extent. Genes have an important role to play in determining the production of sebum and how the skin responds to stress, internal factors, hormonal changes and the like. However, environment still impacts pimple formation along with their severity and frequency.

What does science have to say?

Science has evidence of an existing genetic link.

According to a small study which compared fraternal and identical twins surprisingly found that almost 81% of their acne was due to genetics. Moreover, the sebum produced by identical twins was of the same amount. Some people had uglier breakouts due to their lifestyle.

Take home message: Yeah, genes have a huge role to play when it comes to acne. However, they are not the only reasons for your pimple woes.

Ways to reduce acne if it runs in your family

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Even if acne runs in the family, don’t lose hope! There are many ways to reduce the effects of genes and keep pimples away. You need to make well informed and healthy lifestyle choices. Check out what all you need to do:

  • Follow an anti-inflammatory diet
  • Use healthy stress management techniques
  • Don’t keep touching your face all day long

The above will be effective in influencing the degree of genetic factor when it comes to acne.

This means that even when it is in your genes, at the end of the day, your choices matter the most when it comes to the fate of your skin. So, stop cursing your genes!

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