A Glimpse Of Genetic Testing


A Glimpse Of Genetic Testing

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Genetic testing is a lab method of looking at your genes. Your genes are the DNA instructions that you have inherited from your mother and father. Genetic tests are carried out in order to identify the increased risk of medical conditions, choosing treatments or to assess the response to treatments. Let us find out more!

genetic testing

What will you gather from genetic testing?

There are many different kinds of genetic tests. They help in:

  • Diagnosing diseases
  • Identifying changes in genes that are responsible a disease that I already recognized.
  • Determining the severity of the disease
  • Guiding the doctor in deciding the best medicine or course of treatment
  • Identifying gene changes that can increase the risk of developing a disease
  • Identifying gene changes that can be passed on to children
  • Screening newborn babies for health conditions

The results of genetic tests can be difficult to understand but specialists in the field such as geneticists and genetic counselors will be able to clearly explain what the results mean. As genetic testing provides information about your DNA that is shared with your family, the result of the genetic test may have something about the blood relatives of the person tested.

Pros and cons of genetic testing

Well, even genetic testing has its pros and cons.


Genetic testing may be beneficial as the test finds out whether there is a mutation or not. For some folks, the results of the test come out as a relief as the uncertainty surrounding their health gets eliminated. The results are helpful to doctors in carrying out treatment or monitoring. They can give more information to people for making the right decisions about their own health and the health of the family. The results can lower the person’s chances of developing a disease.

For instance, if it is found in the results that a person is likely to develop a disease, he or she can make lifestyle changes pertaining to diet and exercise. The uncertainty gets lowered and this information can help people make the right choices about the future such as to have a baby or not.


Emotional: Finding out that you or a near and dear one is at a risk for a disease can be quite scary. After finding out the results, some people feel, depressed, anxious, guilty or angry.

Financial: A genetic test can cost anywhere between $100 and $2000. You do the conversions 😛 However, health insurance companies may cover a part or the total cost of testing.

Limitations of testing

Genetic testing is not going to tell you everything about inherited diseases. For instance, a positive result does not mean that you are really going to develop the disease, it also gets hard to foretell how severe the symptoms can get. Specialists such as geneticists and genetic counsellors can be more specific about what a certain test will tell and not tell you. It will be helpful in deciding whether to go for the test or not.

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