Get A Mammogram Done Now


Why you need to get a mammogram done now

October is National Breast cancer Awareness month and you know what you should do to celebrate? Get a mammogram done if you haven’t already!

Even though most women are aware of breast cancer, they don’t always take the trouble of taking care of their two “breast” friends. The national breast cancer month is aimed at just that! It’s like an alarm clock that reminds you how important getting your breasts checked is.

A mammogram is a safest and most accurate way of testing for abnormalities in your breast. It’s a low-dose x-ray exam and is a very simple procedure. When you get a mammogram done, your breast tissues can be closely examined. Whether or not you see any changes in your breasts, getting a mammogram done every few years is a good idea for every woman.

mamogramYour breasts can surprise you

Most of us just view our breast as lumps of fat that attract attention or make us attractive. But there is so much more to our breasts.

You will be surprised to know that one of your breasts is a tiny bit bigger than the other one. Sometimes the difference in size can be more than tiny. The left breast is more at risk of developing cancer than the right one. Weird, isn’t it?

Women’s breasts have also evolved over time. They have also started appearing earlier than before in females. Breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer and the older women are more at risk than women under 40. Now for a mammogram trivia. It has been estimated that if every women went for a mammogram every year breast cancer incidents will go done by 25%. And that’s a lot!

mamogram test Changes in your breast you should look out for

Your breasts will go through changes throughout your life. You may notice change in size because of hormonal changes or weight gain and weight loss. You may notice other changes, which may not be harmful. These changes in your breasts are called benign; although as a layman it is safer to let doctors decide whether or not the changes can harm you.

You should not be ashamed of self-examining your breasts. There is nothing wrong in knowing how healthy your body is. Since breasts are an important part of your body you should  not be afraid to get to know your own breasts. Changes you must be aware of include change in the shape and size of your breasts, any lumps, unexplained scars, discharge from your nipple, pain in your nipples, or pain in your breasts.  You should also check for swelling, puckering, dimpling of skin, or bulges. Many times changes may not be visible. Only a mammogram can detect the reasons for the changes.

breast self examination

Self-examining your breasts for changes is easier than you think. The first step is to look at your breasts in front of the mirror. Secondly, raise you need to raise your arms and look out for changes. The third step is to lie down and feel your breasts. Be patient, when you do this. Follow a pattern so that you don’t miss anything. Lastly, feel your breasts when you are standing. The self-exam does not take much time and you should be doing it regularly.

Don’t risk breast cancer

Detecting breast cancer in the early stages will reduce the risks of it becoming fatal for you. And that’s why you need to go for a mammogram. Lumps, mass, any unnatural deposits of calcium will show up in a mammogram. If you don’t have any changes, you’re good to go.  And if you do have problems, early diagnosis can speed up the treatment.

Yours breasts should be a priority because you taking care of your own health should be a priority.

When are you going to get a mammogram done?

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