Get Fit With Capoeira Workout!


Get Fit With Capoeira Workout!

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Are you bored of your daily workouts!! The same old treadmill, dumbbells!! It gets very monotonous. Are you craving for some variety? Then you should try something more fun and happening! Have you ever heard of Capoeira? Well, it is a martial art that was developed about 400 years ago in Brazil by African slaves. It is an all-in-one art that includes music, dance, acrobatics, singing, self defence and fun. Capoeira is considered to be the most physical kind of art.

When looked upon as a form of exercise, it engages all groups of muscles and tones the body along with developing balance, flexibility, endurance and coordination. It can be done by people of any age and body type. Capoeira is no ordinary martial art. Those who practice it, get in touch with the rich historic heritage.

Along with being strongly cardio and physical there is an emphasis on the mental aspect too. Capoeira can be done by anyone, from a 5 year kid old to a 75 year old person!

Get Fit With Capoeira Workout!


Capoeira workout classes

The best way to learn this fun-filled, high-energy workout is by joining proper capoeira classes. In capoeira many moves are complex and they require a professional instructor to master them.

In a capoeira class, the instructor starts by teaching the basic moves. They can begin with a 5 to 10 minute warm up that includes easy side to side steps,front kicks and punches.

The class continues with reviewing of individual moves right from the basic to advanced levels and close with a battle circle following a cool down period.

How to go about capoeira?

After the warm up, begins Ginga. Ginga involves weight shifting, a mixture of fitness and dance with combined arm movements that are oppositional.

Then comes the Au normal, it is a capoeira move of the medium level. The au normal closely resembles the cartwheel. It used as an evasion technique. It is done slower than the cartwheel.

After the au normal you have martelo as the final exercise. The martelo depicts the martial arts roots of capoeira as this particular move closely resembles the roundhouse kick. It helps in building the core muscles of the body along with working and stretching the muscles of the leg.

The final part of the capoeira workout is the roda. Roda is teh performance circle where the battles are “fought”. All members of the class form a circle around the 2 people who compete with each other. They practice their moves that include attacks and evasion. The other members of the class will cheer the two competing through claps and music.

After this there is a 5 to 10 minute cool down session. This cool down session involves gentle and slow walking followed by stretching the entire body in order to loosen the muscles that have been working hard.

keep calm and play capoeira

Sounds pretty interesting, right? If you want to know whether you have capoeira classes in your locality, here is a list that would help you out, I have mentioned only a few options for each city:


  • Cordao DE Ouro,
  • Nina Stone




  • John Brittos Dance Company
  •  Swingers

New Delhi-

  •   Sensationz
  •   CLK Dance Institute

Want to get fit with capoeira workout?

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