Get Fit With Mindful Running


Get Fit With Mindful Running

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These days a lot of people are making running a part of their fitness regime. It is much sought after as it helps people get away from all their troubles and at the same time connects them with the outdoor world. Running is a great way to lose weight and get fit.

Get Fit With Mindful Running

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Now, there is another thing that is much in vogue and that is meditation. It helps people in calming their minds, controlling the flooding thoughts and connects them with the inner world.

Both running and meditation have one common hitch. The difficulty in letting go! How much ever you run, you just can’t leave all your troubles behind. Meditation may sound too good but in reality it is very difficult to control the mind.

Mindful running

What is the solution? Both running and meditation seem to be great things for the body and mind, why not club them so that you can tame the mind while training your body? But how? Allow me to introduce you to mindful running!! It helps in making your running healthier by bringing in a meditative touch to the movement. It can bring great results for your complete being!

It must be the first time you have heard about mindful running but this has been practiced for thousands of years by the Japanese, Tibetans, and the Incas. There has been a long association of history with mindful running. Those runners used to spend 3 years in silent meditation with their main focus on controlling their breath and emptying their minds. After taming their minds they were able to run 400 miles in one go!! Isn’t it amazing?

Well, you need not do any heavy penance for 3 years 😛 Here is how you should be going about it.

1) Run along with your breath

The breath brings energy or prana into our body. When we inhale deeply, we bring in more amount of oxygen into our system that calms the nervous system and decreases muscle tension.

Begin by walking and then move onto slow paced running in sync with your breathing pattern. You can breathe in any pattern, just make sure that your breath and steps are in sync. Consider this pattern for example,

  • Inhale
  • Step
  • Step
  • Step
  • Exhale
  • Step
  • Step
  • Step

Always do nasal breathing. Rapidly breathing through the mouth can trigger flight response whereas nasal breathing helps in slowing the heart along with healing and soothing the body.

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2) Pay attention to your stride

Running is always linked with huffing, puffing and pounding. If you watch your stride you can do better. Watch and listen to your footsteps. Try to shorten and silence your stride. This would mean that you would bounce less, your effort would not be wasted and you won’t damage your joint. Try to keep your arms high and up, don’t keep them swinging side to side. This running style will put less force on your hips, back and knees. Also, imagine a string pulling you in upward direction with your head towards the sky. When you run taller, you will be putting less stress on your body parts.

3) Do ten count breathing

When your focus is on your body and your breath, there are fewer chances of your thoughts to wander. You will have complete attention on the task at hand. This will rewire your mind for better awareness, concentration and creativity all day long.

This can be achieved by the ten count:

  • Start with walking or jogging for 5 minutes.
  • Just count 10 inhalations and exhalations, repeat
  • If you get a stray thought, just let it go down the drain and get back to counting.

Mindful running can really be a life changing experience. It can help in alleviating stress, heal mind and body and make one get fitter. Without stray thoughts you will be able to think in a clearer manner and improve various areas of life. Mindful running is a simple way to transform your life.

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