3 Foods To Avoid To Get Rid Of Body Odour


Foods To Avoid To Get Rid Of Body Odour

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Body odour is a very embarrassing issue. It can be a definite humiliation for those who have a stronger body odour than an average human being. Most often people try to mask it with deos, antiperspirants and perfumes. However, this does not work always as these products just mask the odour and not eliminate it completely.

antiperspirant spray - Are aniperspirants really bad for health

Body odour is due to the hormones and compounds secreted by the sweat glands.  That is why the best ways to get rid of it is by tweaking your diet.

Here are some foods to avoid to get rid of body odour

Red meat

plan your protein red meat

Body odour is just like your fingerprint or DNA. It is unique. Most if the natural chemicals in your body give you a distinctive body odour that cannot be changed as they are determined by genetics.

However, on conducting a study on the effect of diet on body odour it has been proved that consumption of red meat gives your sweat a pungent odour which is rather unpleasant.

If your food has a lot of red meat, you should swap it with fish and poultry instead. Both fish and poultry are also healthier protein sources than red meat. Also, too much consumption of red meat is linked to heart problems and high cholesterol.

Sulphur veggies

Cruciferous_Vegetables burn belly fat

Leafy greens are extremely nutritious but when it comes to broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower, you should try to limit your intake. These veggies have sulphur compounds in them which make your body odour even more unpleasant. On similar lines, onions and garlic are also rich in sulphur compounds and that is a signal for you to reduce their usage in your everyday meals. You already know that your mouth stinks terribly after you eat onions and garlic. Just imagine how terribly the same compounds can affect your body odour. Staying away from these foods for sometime is the easiest way to prevent body odour, especially the one from the armpit.


Foods Which Make You Fat diet alcohol

Alcohol and body odour are quite related to each other. So, you must not try to overdo it. If you are attending a cocktail party, avoid drinking tequila and vodka. Stick to drinks like beer, low-alcohol rum and wine. These drinks have comparatively lower alcohol content in them. Do remember that the effect of alcohol lasts for longer than one night on you, so if you happen to party on Friday night, your body odour will be stronger over your weekend and can even continue to be so in the week that follows!

Now those were the foods that you have to avoid to get rid of body odour. However, there are some people who actually have the body odour problem, the remaining are just getting influenced with all the advertising gimmicks of deo manufacturers. They somehow seem to convince us that we need to smell good always. So, find out for yourself if you really have a body odour problem or are just a victim of out-of-proportion marketing!

Hope you will change your eating habits to get rid of body odour!

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