Get Rid Of Plastic From Your Life – Top 9 Ways


Top 9 ways to get rid of plastic from your life

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You can find plastic almost everywhere these days. It has become a part and parcel of life. Did I just mention parcel?? Yeah plastic is used even for that! Jokes apart, are you aware that plastic is killing millions of living being on Earth? Being non-biodegradable it is affecting so many creatures when it is disposed off. On top of that, a lot of oil is getting used up to manufacture the plastic used by us. It may be convenient to use but is harmful to the environment.

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Make little efforts and save the planet. Here is how you can get rid of plastic!

1) Purchase products that come in glass or cardboard packaging

Don’t buy foods that are packed in plastic. Instead go in for foods that come in cardboard packaging or glass jars. Glass jars are immensely useful as they can be reused again and again for various purposes. The big glass jars are the best as you keep them in the sunlight and prepare the pickle.

2) Carry your own bottle of water

Carry your own bottle of water in a reusable container. It is better than stopping at stores and buying packaged drinking water when you feel thirsty. People may call you a kid but my dear you have a planet to save! Don’t even pay heed to such people!

3) Drink fresh juice

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It is convenient to pick your pack of juice from the aisles at the supermarket. But are you aware that your tetra pack of juice is lined with plastic so that it doesn’t leak? And there are other juices that are available in plastic bottles. It is time to say good bye to them all. Take out the juicer you have at home and have not used for ages. Make your own healthy juice at home and drink to glory. It is so healthy to have freshly made juice without any added color or preservatives. Get going!

4) Stop using cling films

I have never used cling films to cover food. At my home food is stored in reusable containers and kept in the fridge. You too can reduce a lot of plastic usage by the ditching the cling film and using containers that can be reused. You can use a steel box or paper bag when you travel.

5) Avoid buying yogurt packaged in plastic

You get yogurt in plastic pods and it is a hit everywhere! However, why should you buy tiny yogurt pods when you can make your own yogurt at home? It is both eco-friendly and cost effective. If you can’t make your own yogurt at home buy a larger pack as less plastic is used to package it.

6) Carry shopping bags made out of cloth

The next time you go shopping, carry the traditional cloth bags along instead of using tons of plastic bags. You can also carry those durable jute bags if you are going to shop a lot. Come on, you need to make an attempt at saving your planet!

7) Stop using exfoliating scrubs

Most of the exfoliating scrubs in the market contain micro plastic beads that are too tiny to get filtered out of water. They reach the oceans and water bodies only to be mistaken by fishes as food. The poor creatures swallow them and end up losing their lives. However, you can use natural scrubs like walnut and apricot scrubs that are free of plastic.

8) Stop using disposable products

Plastic cosmetics bottles on white background

Disposable cups, plates, shampoo bottles, gloves, razors and raincoats are made out of plastic. They are just meant to be used for short a while and then thrown. You can opt for products that last longer. Use the ones that are not made out of plastic.

9) Purchase refills!

What do you do when your liquid handwash gets over? You simply toss the dispenser and buy a new one, right? You shouldn’t be doing so. Whether it is liquid soap, oil or pen, make an attempt to purchase refills. It will just take you a few minutes to refill your oil and liquid handwash bottles. You can save a lot of plastic by not throwing your used pen and instead replacing the old refill with a new one.

Try your best to get rid of plastic from your life!

Hope you found these ways to get rid of plastic useful!

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