How To Get Rid Of Stress In Flat 20 Minutes?


Get rid of stress in flat 20 minutes!

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Ever wondered about the world you live in? However optimistic you try to be, there are some issues that bring out the negative person in you. Many people are trapped in their negative thoughts and as a result lead very stressful lives. Be it their work life or personal life, stress is almost a constant part of life for such people. However, giving yourself even a minute of rest will help calm down your nervous system and give you time for recovery. If you can allot yourself 20 minutes a day for a couple of weeks, you will be able to reset your system so that your body becomes less sensitive to stress hormones.

Here is how you should spend 20 mins every day:

1 Minute: Breathe out


When you are stressed out, you breathe in a shallow manner or tend to hold your breath. Breathing deeply and from the diaphragm will increase your oxygen intake and creates a sense of calm. To make sure that you are breathing from the diaphragm, place a hand on your belly as you inhale, if your belly expands by about an inch, you will know that you are breathing right.

2 Minutes: Eat a bit of chocolate

moderation chocolate

A study has found that consuming a bar of dark chocolate (average sized) a day for 2 weeks helped in reducing the stress hormones in people. However, it is recommended that you stop with one square at a time so that there is no crash in blood sugar. Try eating it mindfully.

3 Minutes: Stare at the pic of a snowflake

snowflake- get rid fo stress

You can also stare at the pic of a shell, fern branch or that of lightening. All these images exhibit patterns that make your mind unwind. This has been found in a study. When individuals gazed at fractal images, there was a 44% lower stress response.

10 Minutes: Get creative

knitting for stress relief

Doing art and craft helps one relax. In a study involving people who looked after cancer patients, it was found that taking a break and doing art and craft made them feel more relaxed. If can’t knit, don’t worry, try colouring the pages of a colouring book meant for adults. They will definitely help you unwind.

15 Minutes: Drink tea

women-drink-herbal-tea-for weight loss

Sipping on some green tea is known to promote a sense of relaxation. If you drink chamomile tea, it can help ease your anxiety. Even black tea has a lot of benefits. According to one study, people who consumed four cups a day for 6 weeks had lower levels of cortisol than the group of people who didn’t have the tea.

20 Minutes: Step outside your home

women walking- How To Walk 10,000 Steps A Day

Taking a walk can help in increasing the levels of a chemical in the brain that deals with stress. Doing light outdoor activity helps in boosting a person’s energy and mood. So whenever you feel stressed out, leave all your work and step outside for a while. Get some fresh air and then get back to work feeling all energized.

Willing to give yourself a 20 minute break each day? It is worth it as you will be ready to face the world the next day. Remember life will not be kind to you always. If it gives you reasons to smile, it will also give you reasons to cry. It is up to you what you choose for yourself!

Hope now you know how to Get Rid Of Stress In Flat 20 Minutes!

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