Get Your Bedroom Ready For Quality Sleep!


How To Get Your Bedroom Ready For Quality Sleep?

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Just like eating food and drinking water, sleep is a basic human requirement. However, many people have the notion that they can reduce their sleep and without any negative effects.

Quality sleep that is in sync with the body’s natural clock is essential for your mental and physical health. Lack of sleep can cause heart disease, high blood, pressure, kidney disease, stroke, diabetes, depression and obesity.

The best way of getting sound sleep is by creating the right atmosphere in your bedroom. Here are ways of designing a bedroom that is sleep-friendly!

Ways To Get Your Bedroom Ready For Quality Sleep

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1) Turn your bedroom dark and quiet

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If the area you live in is too bright, you should use black curtains to block the light. You can even wear an eye mask to prevent the light from getting into your eyes. It is good to keep your bedroom quiet. If there is too much of noise outside, consider buying a cheap sleep sound machine to mask the disruptive noises from outside.

2) Paint your bedroom walls with an appropriate shade

You need to separate your bedroom from the rest of your house. Just drive in the fact that bedroom is meant for relaxation, you should paint the walls with a colour that is different from the rest of the house and is at the same time soothing.

3) Remove clutter from your sleep space

Your sleeping space should not be cramped with magazines, gadgets and papers. The reason behind removing the clutter is to reinforce the fact that the room is only for rest.

4) Your bed should be comfortable


You should have a good quality bed with comfortable pillows. It is one investment that you should not hesitate from making. Keep your bed simple. Choose peaceful and calming colours for your bed-sheets and covers.

5) Keep the pets out of the bed

It is advisable to keep the pets away from the bed so that you can move around freely without the thought that you might disturb them. You can always have separate beds for your pets in your bedroom.

6) Reduce sleep disruptions by using red bulbs

When you get up in the night for a bathroom trip, don’t switch on the tube-light as it would send a signal to your internal clock to ‘wake up’. Use red bulbs in place of tube-light. They are almost invisible to the internal clock but will show you the path to the bathroom.

7) Keep the temperature of your bedroom low

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You would have noticed that you sleep better in winters. A cool sleeping environment helps you achieve more deep, delta sleep.

When the room is hot, you will find it tough to go to sleep. Even when your body temperature is high, you cannot fall asleep. You see, the body temperature has a 24 hour cycle that is parallel to the activity and rest cycle. Body temperature rises during your waking hours and falls when it is time to go to sleep. You need to cool yourself down before going to sleep and a hot bedroom disrupts this process of cooling down.

8) Leave your bedroom if you cannot sleep

If you are unable to fall asleep, simply get up and sit elsewhere to watch TV or read a book till you feel sleepy. Then head to the bedroom to sleep. This way you will associate the bed only with sleep and not restlessness.

Use the above tips to make your room sleep-friendly.

Hope you liked reading the ways to get your bedroom ready for quality sleep!

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