The Challenges of a Gluten Free Diet


What are the Challenges of a gluten free diet?

I am trying to do a gluten free diet for some time now. That means no Atta/Flour of any kind including semolina in my meals. Before following a gluten-free diet we require to know all about even the hidden sources of gluten. The best way to avoid all gluten is to read labels carefully. Do you know that when we opt for a gluten free diet we must exclude barley derivatives also from our meals. That means, malt flavoring and malt vinegar, as well as rye, MSG and soy sauce.

Read labels Regularly

Reading labels has become an unavoidable part of my life since the day I started making effort to lose weight in 2011. I do read labels and realized that at times manufacturers change ingredients without notice, so reading labels regularly is important.

Stay gluten free without extra calories

We need not be relieved to see the label marked Gluten or Wheat-Free because some manufacturers add extra sugar, saturated fats and preservatives to make their gluten-free foods taste better. That means you have added extra calories to kill your weight loss journey.

Eating a balanced diet is difficult

Initially when I turned to Gluten free diet, I was worried about daily nutrition. Later I realized that by adding fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and poultry, I need not worry at all. I am still eating a balanced diet even when staying gluten free.

Gluten Free is not difficult

Eliminating gluten from my diet has helped me in reducing acne on my upper arms, regulating my breathing pattern and eliminating my digestive issues. There were times when I used to feel bloated all the time with breathlessness. I was under treatment for Asthma. I have suffered from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and my upper arms were always itchy. There was nothing that I was able to do about it and then one fine day I decided to stop eating Gluten in all forms; lo and behold, within a month, all my health issues started vanishing. That is when I realized that I was allergic to Gluten.

Daily meals without gluten can be overwhelming initially but once we get used to, it is no big deal. Try it, even if you don’t have my kind of health problems because you will realize that staying gluten free helps in weight loss too. Won’t you like to lose some weight?

Hope you liked reading this post on going on a gluten free diet!

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