GM Diet Is A Fad Diet-Find Out Why?

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet

GM Diet Is A Fad Diet-Find Out Why?

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People are on a perpetual look out for diet that helps them shed kilos quickly without having to starve themselves. The GM or General Motors diet fits the bill as it says that you can lose weight by following it without having to stop eating. The main obstacle in this diet is that you can eat only 1 to 2 foods each day. The diet is looked upon as a fad diet and you will soon find out why?

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet For Quick Weight Loss

The GM diet- what it is all about?

The GM diet (General Motors diet) is a weight loss diet that helps people lose weight to the tune of 5 to 7 kgs in 1 week. The diet has been named after the company- General Motors and there are rumours that the company made the diet plan for its employees. However, the owners say that they don’t have any association with the weight loss diet. But the diet’s wonders spread all across the globe and people started trying out this diet in order to lose weight fast!

Does GM diet work

The GM diet is a 7 day long program that involves eating a particular food group each day. There is no restriction on the quantity you eat. You can eat as much as you like. For example, on the first day you can eat just fruits except bananas. On the second day you have to start the day with baked potato and eat other veggies raw or cooked till you feel full. The plan has other specific food for the remaining days that includes beef, rice and a ‘wonder soup’ that helps in curbing one’s hunger pangs. It can be taken on any of the 7 days or even every day. Other rules include 12 glasses of water every day and staying away from alcohol.

The diet assures weight loss by the 7th day and it also claims to cleanse the body with weight loss being the main goal. Initially this diet may look very promising and healthy but a lot of nutritionists will not encourage you to go in for the diet. Why? Because like most fad diets and crash diet, this diet too will show quick results but the weight will come back once you are over with the diet. It will also disrupt your metabolism and digestive system in the long run.

Why the GM diet is not an advisable one for weight loss?

Reason 1:

The GM diet being a strict and restrictive diet that reduces the intake of calories drastically does help you lose weight. But it messes up with your overall health while doing so.

Reason 2:

It is not a safe way to lose weight as it has focus only on specific foods and it limits the intake of other foods. It makes you follow a particular eating pattern the whole day which is just not the right way to eat. Your meals have to be balanced for good health.

Reason 3:

Being highly restrictive in nature by allowing only 1 to 2 foods a day, it does not meet the daily protein and other nutrient needs of an individual. This results in loss of bone and muscle mass which can make a person dull and weak. So, the weight loss reflected on the weighing scale is not fat loss. But what you want to lose is fat and not bone & muscle mass, right? It does not seem to be the right way to lose weight.

GM diet is a fad diet. So stay away from it!

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