Goqii-The Latest Indian Fitness Tracker


Goqii-The Latest Indian Fitness Tracker

Goqii fitness tracker

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The market is flooded with fitness trackers of different kinds. There is a new one on the block called Goqii band. It has been started up by an Indian and has ever since turned heads with the price and services offered by it. The CEO of the company is Vishal Gondal who is also known as the pioneer of gaming industry in India.

Let us have a look at this band

Goqii fitness tracker details

The design

The design of the band is of medium thickness to make it look like a routine activity tracker. It has a core that can be fitted to the band. You can charge the activity tracker with the help of the charger provided along with the box it comes in. The core has to be removed each time the band is plugged in for charging.

The core

The core of the band is its central electronic unit. It has a Bluetooth and pairs up well with a smartphone to track activities such as the distance walked, distance jogged and even hours slept. The screen just needs to be swiped and you can check the hours of physical activity done, the distance travelled, amount of calories burnt and karma points accumulated for the past 24 hours. The band’s core also shows how many calories are needed to be burnt to achieve the fitness level of the user. The fitness level of the user gets decided when he or she enters physical attributes such as weight and height in the band. An interesting fact is that the band can keep a track on you even while you are asleep. The user just has to put it on sleep mode while sleeping and then activate it on waking up.

The personal coach

Goqii is different from other bands and you may ask how? Well, it has a personal coach along with an app which helps the coach in monitoring the user’s lifestyle. The app has to be fed with data on the user’s food intake, water consumption and running or cycling activity. The app works for both Windows as well as Mac’s operating system. Even a picture of your meal works but it is better to have a little description of the food. The coach is able to figure out the calories consumed on seeing the food or reading the list along.

The band is known to save a lot of battery life by synchronizing the band with the smartphone only when the user wants to. The coach gets all the data collected during the day and provides the most suitable fitness tips. Users can chat with the coach too with the help of the app. The app has karma or goodwill points that can be donated to social causes mentioned in the app.

The bottom line

Goqii Life is not just a casual fitness band. It is seriously goal driven. The coaches know their job pretty well and are ready to give great solutions. Of course it has a price but having a personal coach linked to your fitness band is a great idea.

Going to get a Goqii fitness tracker band for yourself?

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