Grain Free Diet Plan For Navratri


Grain Free Diet Plan For Navratri

Grain Free Diet Plan For NavratriHi

I am back with another meal plan for Navratri. Today was my first fasting day and so to say it went off well. Did I feel hungry? well, no, not at all. Why? Because I planned my meals well throughout the day. I ensured that I keep eating something every few hours, that means not to wait till I feel hungry. I ate small meals whether or not I was hungry. The only reason was that I know myself very well and also understand that I make my worst diet mistakes when hungry. So the message here is that if you need to control your eating habits, analyse and look for your weak points so that you know what you will have to deal with smartly.

Grain Free Diet Plan

As we all know that Navratri means eating no grains for seven to eight days but most of us eat such heavy meals that Navratri becomes kind of “Eating everything else but grains” for eight days, leading to weight gain in place of loss. Last Navratri during April I had been on an all fruits for eight days but this time I thought of enjoying a few grain free foods. Today was a special day for me as I experimented with Amaranth seeds, which is also known as Chaulai in Hindi. Amaranth-Grains-Health-FoodTill date I had been buying raw amaranth seeds but roasting and puffing them had been a very cumbersome task for me so actually had stopped eating it. But this time I found a wonderful 300 gm packing of puffed amaranth seeds and so bought it without giving a second thought. Okay, I agree it was not a so-called branded pack but a local one. Frankly speaking, I feel local entrepreneurs should be given a chance to prove that they too can offer good quality products. Some of you might not agree with me but I am a big fan of local produce for grains like these.

amaranth puffed

Health Benefits of Amaranth

In brief amaranth or chaulai has numerous health benefits especially for women.

  • It’s Gluten free

  • Good for hair, eyes and heart health

  • Good source of calcium and proteins

  • Full of minerals and antioxidants

  • Great for weight watchers

  • Easily digestible.

After knowing all about it’s health benefits there was no reason for me to reject this grain free grain.

White Diet plan for the day

My today’s diet plan was based on White foods prominently.

Early Morning

Two glasses of water with two almonds and two cups of tea without sugar (I don’t feel alert with one cup of tea)


An apple with a slice of (20gms) paneer and 50 gm yogurt made into a glass of lassi (no sugar, no salt)


Four almonds powdered and added to a small cup (100 ml) of boiling hot toned milk.


Amaranth almond grain free cereal and a handful salted peanuts (I prefer eating one meal during lunch time as that doesn’t make my stomach heavy before sleeping) You can add 30 gms of paneer if you are not happy with this.


Coffee with stevia and two almonds.


A cup of milk with four almonds and one cardamom added to it while boiling.

So that was my meal plan for the day. The most interesting thing was my amaranth and almond grain free cereal. I realised that not only during Navratri but otherwise also I am going to have this cereal in breakfast. Later I will prefer to call it “Grain free breakfast cereal” but this was a perfect meal which kept me full till late evening. With my evening coffee, I had thought of having a handful of peanuts but then I was not at all hungry that I just had two almonds to munch on.

I would love to share my grain free cereal recipe with you all.

Amaranth Almond Grain Free Cereal – Navratri Recipe


  • Puffed amaranth Chaulai seeds – 30 gm

amaranth almond grainfree cereal

  • 6 almonds chopped

Amaranth almond grainfree cereal for breakfast

  • 200 ml full cream milk

amaranth almond grainfree cereal with milk


The easiest recipe I have ever made. So just take a look at the pics and there is no need to describe.

grain free diet cerealMix all ingredients in a bowl. Let the amaranth soak a bit and then enjoy. I didn’t feel any need to add sugar as I have oats also without sugar so I am used to having cereals without sugar, but if you cannot live without sugar, add a spoonful of honey. Adding chopped apple also will add to the sweetness of your meal.

Hope you liked this grain free diet plan for Navratri with Amaranth Almond Grain Free Cereal.

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