10 Great Alternatives to India’s Favorite Maggi Noodles


10 Great Alternatives to India’s Favorite Maggi Noodles

High Dose Of MSG,Lead In Maggi 2015 India

Maggi has been asked to be pulled from supermarkets and stores from various parts of India. There are great chances that India’s favorite snack – Maggi noodles from Nestle is banned forever. Would I be happy, ooh yess ! Maggi is the only 2 minute noodles that I find tasty, although I rarely eat it but I will be glad if I never find it again!

Now if Maggi gets banned, let’s see what options we have as alternatives!

Great Alternatives to India’s Favorite Maggi Noodles

1. Mac and cheese

Mac and cheese-options healthier than maggi

Also known as macroni, its’s the perfect replacement to Maggi taste wise. Just boil macroni in water and salt with a spoon of oil. Drain excess water when macroni is cooked properly. Add cheese sauce and a bit of basil/pasta sauce if you need. It would taste almost the same as Masala Maggi. But but but, this isn’t a health choice obviously. Macroni is made of durum wheat which isn’t very healthy. Its high in carbs and when you add cheese, you add fat to it. High fat and high carbs is a drastic combination, which would definitely cause weight gain.

2. Papdi chaat


This is another “chatpataa” option that you can have instead of maggi. It’s not very healthy but any day better than Maggi.

3. Bhel

2080puffed rice

Bhel is made of puffed rice. When you add tomato, onion and lemon to it with salt and spices, it is as delicious as Maggi. Bhel is the healthiest of Macroni and Papdi chaat. You can make it even healthier by adding sprouts to it.

4. Peanut salad

Healthy Peanut Salad  Protein Recipe

This is extremely delicious. Add chopped onions, tomato, and cucumber. Squeeze lemon in roasted peanuts. Peanut salad is ready!

5. Egg salad


Boiled eggs with mayyonaise, a bit of beans, tomato, celery makes a drool worth egg salad.

6. Deviled eggs

devil egg recipe

These are more delicious than usual hard boiled eggs. Simple to make and can be stored in refrigerator as well. You can quickly heat them in microwave and they are ready in 2 minutes just like Maggi noodles.

7. Egg muffins


These are a delight, please find the recipe here. You can make them healthier by adding greens like spinach and serve with mint chutney or mayonnaise or sour cream too!

8. Zucchini pasta

indian zucchini pasta recipe

This pasta is made using vegetable peeler and is quite tasty. Most of the low carbers eat only zucchini pasta instead of normal wheat pasta.

9. Gram flour pancake

besan cheela

Also known as besan chilla, this is a healthy snack. You can add paneer to it for making it tastier. Recipe here.

10. Moong bean pancake

moong dal chilla protein breakfast

This is a high protein meal, perfect for snack and meals too. Please refer to recipe here.

So the above list has healthy and not so healthy options for replacing Maggi noodles. Let’s see how this Maggi matter unfolds in the coming days!

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