4 Great Massages For Complete Relaxation


4 Great Massages For Complete Relaxation

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When you are tired and stressed out after a long day at office, what comes to your mind? A relaxing massage right? But massages should not be a rare indulgence, they are essential for healthy living just the way exercising is. However, getting a proper massage done every now and then isn’t possible for the want of time but a massage every fortnight is something you should do! Here are 4 kinds of massages that are bound to keep you healthy.

1) Thai massage

Thai massage- massages for complete relaxation

For every commoner, a massage translates to relaxation but a Thai massage is different. It is more energising and rigourous in nature. It is also called Thai Yoga massage. In a traditional Thai massage, the massage therapist makes use of his/her hands, knees, legs and feet to make you do a yoga-like stretches. This massage is similar to doing yoga without your own effort. It is more like a therapy. Yoga asanas are used to open joints and relieve muscle tension, which allows the healing energy to move in a free manner through the body and it also stimulates acupressure. Thai massage doesn’t need oil for massage and it is done with clothes on 😉 All you shy people can surely try this out!

2) Swedish massage

massage living drug free

A Swedish massage is the one that you would always desire. It is a relaxing session that helps rejuvenate your senses. Unlike the rigourous Thai massage, The Sewdish massage uses 5 main techniques such as stroking, gliding, kneeding, rubbing, shaking and pounding. The most part of the Swedish massage is done while lying on the back and on the stomach. It doesn’t involve anything rigourus like stretching. The purpose of the Swedish massage is to relax the whole body, which is done by long gliding strokes towards the heart. This enable the person to relax , calm-down and de-stress. This massage is oil based that makes use of essential oils and lotions in order to suit the skin type of the client. The massage should ideally be followed by a steam bath in order to remove the oil and make the person feel fresh.

3) Deep Tissue massage

deep-tissue-massage for complete relaxation

As the name suggest, deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue and helps in removing hard knots in the muscles. It involves a technique of kneading done by the elbows, fists, and knuckles that creates a deep muscle compression and friction. This helps loosen muscle fibres and releases toxins as well as deeply held tension points. The massage is done on the skin with a pain relieving oil or aromatic oil. It is quite helpful in easing stiff necks, tight low back muscles and sore shoulders. It is extremely important to drink lots of water after a deep tissue massage because it helps flush out toxins from the body.

4) Shiatsu

Shiatsu Therapy Massage

Though it isn’t widely known and performed in spas, Shiatsu is an effective kind of massage. According to experts, it is as effective as acupressure. However, it is much beyond pressure points. It includes other methods like stretching and breathing. Shiatsu is very effective in treating conditions such as insomnia, indigestion, headaches, swollen joints and depression. The massage makes energy circulate along the body’s channels properly. It treats conditions by releasing blocked energy. Thus, it is the flow of energy that is regarded as the main cure of most ailments.

Hope you would try out these Great Massages For Complete Relaxation!

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