Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Beneficial For Weight Loss?


Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Beneficial For Weight Loss?

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Weight loss is a not a piece of cake. People find dieting and exercising so difficult that they are always on the lookout for short cuts. It is plain human nature! What do people resort to? Weight loss supplements! In the myriad list of weight loss supplements green coffee bean extract is also present. This post is dedicated to unveil the weight loss effects of green coffee bean extract.

Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Beneficial For Weight Loss?

green coffee beans for weight loss

Green coffee bean extract

This supplement is extracted from…….no prize for guessing 😛 …… green coffee beans! It is known to contain a substance called chlorogenic acid which is behind the weight loss benefits of these beans.

So, what are green coffee beans?

Coffee is dark brown right… how come these are green? Well, unroasted coffee beans are green in colour. It is the roasting that turns them brown. Green coffee beans have caffeine and chlorogenic acid in them. Once the beans are roasted the chlorogenic acid is lost. As mentioned above chlorogenic acid helps in weight loss.

Your cup of coffee has lost its weight loss effects as it is roasted, but it has a lot of other health benefits to offer.

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How does the extract of green coffee beans work on humans?

In one human study done to identify the effects of green coffee beans, 30 overweight people for chosen. The study went on for 12 weeks. The individuals were segregated to two groups. One group was given regular coffee and the other group had coffee that was enriched with 200 mg of green coffee bean extract. Both groups were asked not to make any changes in their diet or exercise.

The result:

The group consuming green coffee beans extract lost 5.4 kg and the group that drank normal coffee lost just 1.7 kgs. The green coffee extract group lost 3.6% of body fat as to compared to the meager 0.7% of the other group.

There have been studies done in this line but the catch is that these studies have been sponsored by companies that earn profit from the sales of green coffee beans. So, somewhere there must be some kind of effect on the results of the studies due to the sponsorship.

Evidence in favour of this extract is little and perhaps more studies need to be done to confirm things.

Other health benefits offered by green coffee extract

  • It is known to reduce the absorption of glucose and this could be helpful in managing diabetes.
  • It appears to have a positive effect on blood vessels that is beneficial for heart health.
  • Consuming 140 to 720 mg of the extract each day has shown to reduce blood pressure.
  • The acid found (Chlorogenic acid) also functions as a good antioxidant.

Side effects

Studies that have been done are too small to show the side effects of the supplement. However, there is some caffeine content in green coffee extract and consuming it in huge amounts can cause rapid heartbeat and anxiety. Chlorogenic acid cause diarrhea as it has a laxative effect. It is not safe for pregnant women or lactating mothers. A strict no no for children even if childhood obesity is on the rise.

Trying out the supplement

If you are curious to try this weight loss supplement, you can purchase it online and consume it according to the instruction on the bottle. But whatever you do, make it a point to have a word with your doctor. It is of utmost importance to be careful about your health.

After you give it a try you may feel a little change in your weight but the effect may not be much and will not last more than a few months. If you are looking for something that really works, you have got to make changes in your diet and exercise!

Are you going to try green coffee beans extract?

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