Green Living Checklist You Must Know About!


Green Living Checklist

Hello All!!

We all need to have the interests of Mother Earth on our minds every moment. Going green is essential, as with every passing day, we are causing massive harm to our planet. So, here are certain things to remember to make sure that you are living in an eco-friendly manner. Keep the green living checklist in front of you so that with time, it becomes a part of your lifestyle.

1) No to plastic items

no-plastic-bags - get rid of plastic from your life

Saying no plastic bags is not enough as there are ample number of use and throw items that we come across everyday! You can easily avoid them. The list includes:

  • Plastic tea and coffee cups
  • Straws
  • Plastic use and throw containers
  • Plastic water bottles

2) Carry reusable alternatives

You should have reusable alternatives with you when don’t want to use the above mentioned items.

  • A tote bag made out of fabric is a great replacement for plastic carry bags
  • Use a mason jar for coffee, smoothies and juice
  • Reusable straws
  • Water bottle that can be reused
  • Food container made out of stainless steel

3) Eat plant based meals

veggies cooked

You can help the planet by shifting to a plant based diet. It will improve your health too! However, don’t stop meat all of a sudden. Just do it in a tapering way by adding more and more plant based food to your plate.

4) Avoid ordering food online

A tap of a button delivers you your favourite meal. Technology at its best! However, this convenience costs the planet. There is unnecessary packaging involved and you can stop this by either dining in or cooking your own meal at home.

5) Buying in bulk

how to read food labels

There are so many deals to choose from when you buy in bulk. Right from cereal, nuts, flour to even chocolates, all come at a special low price. The best part is that the packaging reduces when things are sold in bulk packs. Check your grocery list and see if you can choose bulk alternatives to most items or not!

6) Opt for greener options for what you use every day

You can always improve your lifestyle to fit in the concept of green living. You can reduce the wastage in your makeup and skin care routine or buy items for the kitchen from the local store instead of placing an order with an online store.

7) Inspire people to live a greener life

While doing anything mentioned above, do you get confused looks? If yes, then, you are doing the right thing! By practicing eco-friendly habits in the daily routine, you are sowing the seeds of green living in the minds of people who are watching you. You can possibly be an inspiration for a lot of people. There are many who want to go green but don’t know where to start! You can bring in change! Your impact will increase manifold when you are able to inspire others in the society to be eco-friendly.

Hope you found this post on green living interesting!

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