Green Tea Vs Green Coffee For Weight Loss-A Comparison


Green Tea Vs Green Coffee For Weight Loss-A Comparison

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Green tea has carved a niche for itself in the fitness world. It seems to have got most of the limelight as far as weight loss and upkeep of good health is concerned. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which make it quiet enticing! However, in the recent years another beverage has attracted much attention as a healthy weight loss enhancing beverage and the beverage is green coffee. It is believed to be really effective in treating heart diseases and diabetes along with causing weight loss.

Now the question is-who wins? Green tea or green coffee? Which is the most effective drink for weight loss? Let us find out!

Green Tea Vs Green Coffee

In a recent study, overweight and obese people were asked to take green coffee extract (350 mg two to three times a day) to improve weight loss. This study was done for 22 weeks and during this time there were no changes in their exercise routine and diet. And have a look at the outcome of the study.

  • Participants lost about 17.6 pounds on an average
  • Their BMI reduced by almost 2.92
  • Every participant’s heart rate decreased by 2.56 beats per minute.
  • There was a decrease in body fat by 4.44%

On the whole, a total of 37 percent of the participants, who were obese previously were able to get back to their normal weight! In a follow up study, the use of green coffee extract was used and 87 percent of the participants were able to maintain their body weight. Green coffee beans were capable of reducing glucose and calorie absorption which in turn decreased insulin output and reduced the formation of adipose tissue. The end result of using coffee extract was that it decreased body fat and body mass. However, this doesn’t mean that we rule out the benefits of green tea entirely. Here we have a look at the basics of green coffee and green tea:

Green coffee

green coffee beans for weight loss

What is it?

Green coffee refers coffee beans that haven’t been roasted yet. On being roasted, the coffee beans lose chlorogenic acid that is present it. Chlorogenic acid helps the body in handling blood sugar and metabolism. Green coffee beans are not roasted and that is why have much higher levels of chlorogenic acid that helps burn fat and lowers blood pressure. You can either brew the coffee and drink it up or take it in the form of a capsule.

What it does?

According to studies consuming 80-200 mg of green coffee everyday can help the body in losing lots of weight in a period of 12 weeks.

  • Green coffee restricts the absorption of foods containing high glucose.
  • It works as a catalyst in the oxidation of fat.
  • It helps the release of fatty acids
  • It improves metabolism
  • It stimulates the absorption of fat in the liver.

Green tea

green tea_tummy flattening foods

What is it?

Green tea is made from the leaves, stem and bud of the plant ‘Camellia sinensis’. It is most often taken as a beverage but is also available in the form of a supplement. It isn’t fermented like many teas, it is instaedmade by steaming fresh leaves at high temperatures. The steaming process enhances the polyphenols in it. Polyphenols present in green tea help in preventing inflammation and swelling in the body. It also has 2-4 percent of caffeine that makes it effective in boosting metabolism and stimulating the nervous system, the heart and muscles by the release of neurotransmitters.

What it does?

  • Studies say that green tea effectively prevents breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes, heart disease and leukemia.
  • It is high in antioxidants and help in preventing the premature aging of skin.
  • It is rich in the antioxidant polyphenol, which breaks down the fat and increases energy in the body.
  • It improves mental clarity and alertness.
  • Lowers blood pressure.

Final verdict-Green coffee or green tea??

Both green coffee and green tea have some exceptional health benefits. They improve overall health, help burn fat and protect from ageing. However, based on recent studies, while talking about weight loss, green coffee is a lot more effective as weight loss results appear faster. It helps people lose weight without crash diets and heavy workouts.

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