Green Tea- Is it just a fad! 


Green Tea- Is it just a fad! 

Winter foods

A plant known as Camellia sinensis is the origin of the green tea. White tea and Black tea also derive origin from the same plant. Historically speaking, it was originally found in China but gained popularity in Asia due to its benefits. Green tea is considered more healthy as compared to other teas. Since winter is at its peak, let’s learn how we can use green tea benefits to protect oneself.

Benefits in relation to Cold and Flu

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Beneficial to Health

Green tea contains high levels of minerals that are beneficial for the health. As per research, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) is the powerful compound that is present in the green tea that makes it work against most of the diseases. Also, special care should be taken while choosing the brand of green tea as a cheaper version would only contain fluoride content higher than the benefits.

Dental Hygiene

Vitamin B12 deficiency

Studies have proven that green tea is helpful in the  prevention from germs that cause dental decay. It also improves problems like bad breath. Cavities can be controlled up to a great extent by regular consumption of green tea.

Anti- Inflammatory

The anti inflammatory properties of green tea are beneficial for curing sore throat. The inflammation in the throat, which causes congestion is also cured by having green tea. According to a research, it is observed that the people who consume green tea on a regular basis have a healthier life track as compared to the ones who don’t.

Cures a variety of Diseases

A website shows that green tea is beneficial in reducing the risk of oral cancer, stomach cancer, heart disease and diabetes. According to an evaluative research, having approx 4-5 cups of green tea can considerably reduce the chances of an individual having a dangerous disease, if not completely preventing the disease.

Our Take

So after having a look at the various benefits that regular consumption of green tea serves, one must include green tea as a regular part of the routine to get the positives and surely use of green tea has multiple benefits; thus NOT A FAD.

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