Greenery Makes You Live Longer – Research Says


Greenery Makes You Live Longer!

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Most people love being close to nature but sadly the majority of the urban population lives in high rise concrete buildings with very less proximity to nature. I am lucky to live in a bungalow with a little garden outside along with a mammoth Neem tree that gives shade to people standing on the street outside my home. It is said that greenery makes you live longer! Read on to find out why!

Forest - hiking benefits fo the brain

According to a recent study, it has been found that people who reside in greener areas with lots of trees around have a lower risk of mortality. When you live in greenery, there is an improvement in mental health, physical activity and social behaviour.

Researchers discovered that people living in green places i.e. having vegetation within eight hundred feet of their homes had a 12% lower rate of death from non-accidental cause than those who lived in non-green places. What was found in the study is in accordance with what was suggested by the previous research. The areas with more greenery are said to be less polluted and the presence of vegetation can help the air stay cleaner. Green spaces such as parks are said to encourage people to head outdoors and exercise. It also makes people make more social interactions with other people. All these factors can help in improving overall health. Mental health is also said to improve.

There exist a lot of theories about how mental health is affected by nature. According to one hypothesis, it is believed that as we have evolved as a species connected with nature, there is something related to nature that still resonates within us. There is soothing and restorative connection with nature and this is good for mental health.

park morning walk

Meeting people in a park and connecting socially is definitely a good mental health predictor. When you are mentally fit, your overall health will also be good. There is still a lot of uncertainty about the exact mechanisms by which living close to nature can help improve health. Scientists are still trying to figure things out.

Is it the view outside the window or the feeling to head outdoors and walk among the trees? Is it the bush that makes one feel happy or the tree? There are many such questions that are arising and things are still not clear as to what form of nature is providing health benefits.

The research team is going to get into the finer details in the future as they are interested to look into more closely at some of the specific mortality causes. The chief one amongst them is cancer. They want to examine not just the connection of greenery to death but to the overall occurrence of disease.

The researchers have also said that the current study focused on the greenery around the homes of the participants and it is important to note that most people spend a long number of hours away from home. So, for future research, the focus will be on the spaces where people spend their maximum time.

Nature is a said to be a medication that prolongs life without any kind of side effects. It si alike the best medicine for good health and longevity.

Hope you found this post – ‘Greenery Makes You Live Longer’ informative!

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