Grow These 9 Herbs And Plants At Home For Good Health

curry leaves health benefits

Grow These 9 Herbs And Plants At Home For Good Health

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Do you buy your herbs from the market? How about getting some fresh herbs from your own little garden? Yes, you can grow a few herbs at home and they are easy to maintain too! If you live in a flat you can always grow some herbs in a flower pot in your balcony. Where there is a will there is a way, remember?

The herbs will help in detoxifying your body and boosting your overall health.

Let’s begin!

1) Curry leaves or kadi patta

curry-leaves health benefits

Apart from adding flavour to your food, curry leaves or kadi patta help in weight loss. Ayurveda says that kadi patta is good for digestion and has mild laxative properties. It is also instrumental in getting rid of toxins from the body. Consuming kadi patta with your food can help you fight bloating.

2) Tulsi

tulsi health benefits

Tulsi is there is almost every Indian home. Tulsi might not help you lose weight directly but it aids digestion and improves metabolism, both of which help in weight loss. Do you know that chewing tulsi leaves can help you beat stress. It has antibacterial properties that promise strengthening the immune system and fight specific infections and diseases.

3) Coriander or dhaniya

Coriander health benefits

Coriander or Dhaniya is a herb that is added to almost all Indian dishes for its awesome flavour. It is beneficial for diabetics and anaemics. Coriander seeds when consumed crushed with a glass of lukewarm water can help fight constipation and improve digestion.

4) Mint or pudina


Pudina chutney is an excellent accompaniment to your food but it has a number of health benefits to offer apart from being flavourful. It is a natural detoxifier, helps improve blood circulation, soothes headaches and wards-off bad breath.

5) Mustard or rai

mustard greens

Mustard seeds are used extensively in Indian cooking and they are good for health. However, even the leaves have a lot of health benefits to offer. The mustard leaves make sarson ka saag which is a favourite amongst Punjabis. Mustard leaves help in lowering levels of cholesterol and it aids in weight management. Mustard seeds are known to be pain relievers and they promote hair growth.

6) Carom seeds or ajwain

Top 8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Carom Seeds(Ajwain) 1

Instead of buying ajwain from organic shops, it would be better if you grow them in your own backyard or balcony. Chewing on a few seeds of ajwain post meals can boost digestion and overall health. For the list of benefits of ajwain, check this post out-click!

7) Fenugreek or methi

fenugreek leaves

You can grow this easily at home. Methi greens help in reducing cholesterol, manage your weight and help ease symptoms of PMS. Methi seeds are known to strengthen nerves and boost the nervous system’s health. Methi is known to be good for diabetics.

8) Chilli or mirchi

Health Benefits Of Green Chilli

Doesn’t it sound good to be able to pluck fresh green chillies from your garden and add them to your food? Apart from making the food tasty and spicy, it also aids in the process of weight loss. Yes, chillies and peppers have a compound capsaicin present in it can help you lose weight. Green chilli’s health benefits can be read here- click!

9) Lemon


You go to the store to buy lemons, have you ever given a thought to grow them in your own backyard? Lemon with honey and warm waters can do a lot to manage your weight. On top of that, lemon is also antiseptic and anti-aging in nature that can fight a lot of infections and help in boosting immunity.

Hope this post has been useful!

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