Guide-Healthy Eating At Coffee Shops

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Guide-Healthy Eating At Coffee Shops

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Cafe coffee day has revamped our mindset for coffee. It is not just a coffee outlet but a whole new part of our culture today. Along with the coffee you can gorge on the snacks and short eats offered. How much to indulge and what all to add on to your plate? Tricky question when you are on a diet, but don’t worry. Help is at hand.

Guide-Healthy Eating At Coffee Shops

cafe-coffee-day healthy eating

The coffees

Let us begin with what the place is famous for- Coffee! There is a huge list of options to choose from.

Coffees to go in for

  • Cappuccino of all types
  • Café Americano
  • Cafe Latte
  • Expresso
  • Macchiato
  • Iced Eskimo
  • Vegan shake- it is without milk but still creamy!
  • Tropical iceberg- if you love chocolate and can’t do without it!
  • Cold sparkle- has a bit of coconut in it. Healthy fat.
  • International coffee.

cappuccino- healthy eatind coffee day

Coffees to run away from (not because of the taste but because of the calories!!)-

  • Café Mocha- it has chocolate sauce in it!
  • Irish coffee-it has cream in it.
  • Kaapi Nirvana- cream and chocolate my dear!
  • Devil’s own
  • Frappe – all of them due to the cream!!


Coming to the tea section, you can go in for all the versions of hot tea. They have green tea too. If you like iced teas you have two options that are healthy-

  • Pomegranate lemon
  • Cucumber lemon


chilled drink- healthy eating at cafe coffe day

A big yes to all the lemonades! They are refreshing with very low calories. Avoid the shakes as they are high in calories.

You can go in for Brain freezers if it is your cheat day, the only reason to avoid them is the sugar content and the fizz. You have the berry berg, green apple meltdown, green apple soda, and cold blue in this ice chilled range.

Don’t go in for packaged fruit juices called ‘quenchers’. You know packaged juices are by no means good for health and for dieters it is a big no-no.


Now, coming to the eating part, if you have to eat go in for the sandwiches have the ones with baked/grilled fillings and go easy on the sauce. You can probably get your sandwich customized.

Samosas, wraps, puffs, chocolaty donuts and cookies can be given a miss. They have a whole new range of double cheese veg wrap. You have to be extra careful! Don’t allow yourself to order it as it has loads of calories in it.

 Sweet treats and sundaes

A lot of chocolaty traps are also laid out there under the sweet treat category! 😉 If you want to control the calorie count don’t get lured. They look ‘oh so yummy’!! If you can’t control your temptation then go in for plain vanilla/chocolate ice cream. It is much better than to go in for chocolate sauce covered sinful sundaes. By the way they have a cool range of sundaes with brownies and chocolate sauce, anyone out there who wants to put on some weight can indulge. Weight watchers say goodbye to sundaes 🙂

Enjoy eating healthy at cafe coffee day!

P.S – These recommendations do not apply to low carb dieters

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