Gynecologist On IWB-Answers To FAQ


Gynecologist On IWB-Answers To FAQ

Heya Ladies,

Please welcome Prabh Jot Kaur. She is a Gynecologist and is currently practising in UK. We had asked Ladies in our Facebook groups and our IWB readers, to let us know their queries and we will get them answered from Prabh Jot.

Gynecologist On IWB

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Below are some of the questions and their answers. Hope this would help many ladies!

Q1. Insufficient milk… my son is 2.5 month. .. feeling worried

There are so many possible reasons –

  • Sore nipples
  • Giving formula milk which reduces the time on which baby is on breast feed
  • Tying to feed at regular interval rather than when demanded by baby.

Possible solution:

Let your baby feed on demand, as often and for as long as he/she wants. Always allow him/her to finish the first breast before offering him the second. Try to pump remaining milk after feed, it will increase milk supply.

Q2. My daughter is 2.2 yrs and weights 11 kg and height 3 ft. She looks very lean. She eats properly but her weight doesn’t increase. She is active. Am always worried about her health…. Hope she is not having some problem internally.

According to standards, the ideal weight for an infant of age 2.2yrs is 12kgs. Your baby is having 11 kgs. So no need to worry, just focus on giving healthy diet to baby.

Q3. How to increase breast milk? My baby is 3 months old. ..

  • Eat well
  • Drink 6-8 glass water
  • Feed frequently
  • Let your one breast finish the feed n then switch to other breast
  • Try massaging the breast while breastfeed
  • Avoid bottle feed

Q4. Whenever my chums come, I feel very irritated. A lot of pain in back stomach, I have to take painkiller every month to subside the pain. I take voveran tablet. My gynac told me once that once you deliver then there won’t be much pain after that but for me its the same please suggest.

Some common things which can be used to relieve from pain –

  • massage the abdomen
  • take a warm bath
  • eat light
  • take vitamin b6 , b1 , E
  • calcium rich items

Q5. I had forceps delivery on 2nd of august. Now from almost 15 days am having hemorrhoid. It’s not yet cured and is very painful. Not able to sit. Let me know when it gets cured and measures to be taken for it to get cured quickly

Q6. Can we take ipill while breast feeding?


Q6. My 1st baby was born on 24th june 2013 via c sec..n now I am expecting my 2nd baby, so what are the chances of normal delivery. Is it possible to deliver normally after first c section ?

It is possible. Chances depends on your health and situation. If you can provide your age,weight , height and health condition,  it can be further explained.

Q7. I have a 1 yr normal..after 7 months of delivery I m having pain on my left side under my rib cage. ts almost 4 months now..but not resolved. Xray and ultrasound both are normal. What could be the reason?

You are having sore ribs. Perform abdominal exercises with an ab roller. It wil take around 8 weeks to get rid of pain. Join a gym

that has a certified trainer.

Q8. I had few nabothian cysts after delivery. What are they? And do they resolve on its own? My baby is 9 months now.

They are tiny cysts formed on d surface of cervix. They are not dangerous. Get them removed either through an excision or an electrocautery ablation.

Q9. How risky is placenta previa ?? I am seven month pregnant I am very worried about it. What precautions should I take to have a health baby with low placenta?

Is it near cervical opening or covers cervical opening? Is it complete, partial, low lying or normal one? Women with placenta previa as their due date approaches nearly, always give birth by caesarean delivery. If bleeding is severe, an emergency caesarean birth may be performed. Precautions are different for different type of placenta previa.

Q10. Can you please suggest medicine for preponing/postponing of the periods?

To prepone, drink pineapple juice, use ginger a lot, eat carrot or pumpkin, eat papaya and dates.

To postpone., use ajmod(parsley) – boil them n drink d water 2-3 times a day.

Q11. After my periods after five days or so, I get spot bleeding, is it normal?

No, it is not normal You need to get your vaginal area checked by a gyne.

Q12. My menstrual cycle is not proper. I bleed only for half day on only 1st day, Light bleeding

It is caused because of hormonal level shifts. You need to consult a gyne, because it can have multiple reasons. Physical examination is required.

Q13. From the past 1 year, I am trying to conceive but I’m unable to. So please can you tell me how can I conceive in short span of time.

You need to plan systematically. There are some fertile days which are to be used for intercourse. If still there is no result. You need to check your check up done.

Q14. What is the proper treatment for PCOS?

It starts with diagnosis. Treatments differ based on symptoms. It includes –

  • Usage of birth control pills
  • sometime progesterone therapy.

Q15. What are the pros and cons of IUDs? Are they safe? Where can I get one in India and what is the cost of getting one?


  • Reduces heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Reduces cramps
  • Reduces the risk of ectopic pregnancy
  • Does not cause weight gain.


  • Sometimes mensus problem occurs
  • Perforation
  • iud gets stuck in uterus

IUD’s r safe but you need to consult a gyne personally. Some times it doesn’t suit certain body types.

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