H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccination Experience In Bangalore India


H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccination Experience In Bangalore India

Heya People,

H1N1 aka Swine Flu has become a reason of everyone’s worry.  Undoubtedly, its a dangerous communicable disease and is spreading all over India. But people panic a lot more making the situation even worse. Rumors add fuel to fire.

I have been travelling a lot off late. Travelling by flight, commuting by cabs and buses makes me a little choice to stay isolated or limit my contact with people. Coincidentally, a lot of people around me started sneezing and falling sick. After resisting for a month, I also caught cold and cough. Then I decided to take H1N1 vaccination at the earliest.

I called up various hospitals and finally decided to visit Brookefield Hospital, Bangalore. Its quite near to my place. They asked me to pay Rs 1300 for the H1N1 vaccination and gave me the below oooh so good looking catalogue kinds booklet.

H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccination Experience India


Now look at the breakup of payment –


The vaccination costs Rs 714 only and they made me pay Rs 1300. This is totally unfair! Government is doing all effort to make sure the vaccination reaches masses. Its being made available at all government hospitals and companies who want to ensure their employees are safe. On the other hand, private hospitals like Brookefield are looting people. A person when lands up in a hospital for a vaccination, is scared of getting infected with a disease. Hospitals like these take advantage of fear of innocent people.

Let me also tell you that the services and procedures mentioned above for which they charged me Rs 486 was nothing but charge of injecting me vaccination. This lady who gave me the vaccination was a nurse , not a doctor. And yes, they also recorded my BP with a machine that could land up in antiques very soon. Not to forget, their ancient manual weighing scale showed my weight 10 kgs higher! Oooh yes, not 1 or 2 but 10 kgs higher. This was their biggest crime lol 😛

I want to ask Brookefield – how can you charge such a high service and procedure fees ? Do you have literally sold your conscience? How can you charge for things that a customer does not intend to buy? A customer comes for vaccination, he/she should have an option to buy from your pharmacy and he/she should choose if he wants injection service from you or not!

I am not cribbing because I paid double the amount.  700 rs extra may not matter much to me, but it does matter a lot to a person who is way before poverty line and perhaps needs this vaccination urgently! The intention of this post to make all of you aware and warn such hospitals. Please be an informed citizen and do not pay extra to these private hospitals. We deserve a healthy life but not at the hands of such entities!

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Have you had a similar experience with your vaccination?

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