Top 6 Habits Of Highly Productive People


Top 6 Habits Of Highly Productive People

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What makes successful and productive people different from the others? Does this question pop up in your mind? Well, it does in my mind! What makes them so different? Is there a magic wand that they own? Well, too many questions. Hope this posts answers them!

Benefits of walking to office

Here are the habits of highly productive people and you should try them too :

1) Finding focus with a simple daily ritual

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Your favourite morning activity like sipping tea or going for a walk should be a pre-work ritual to clear all the clutter from your mind. Devoting a few minutes to relax can help you going a long way. The ritual should help in deepening your breath, make you feel energized, focussed and concentrated. This skill is present in many exceptional people.

2) Facing the most difficult task first

When at work, face the most difficult task first like calling the most disgusting client, or checking a file that has totally confused information. When you finish the most challenging item on the to-do list first, it frees you up and saves your mental energy that would have dissipated had you been worrying about the task. The day ahead seems to be manageable.

3) Checking emails less often

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It is quite easy to fall into the habit of checking your email a zillion times a day. Those who are productive, tend to check their mail less frequently. In a recent study it was found that employees instructed to check email only thrice daily were way less strained than employees who were allowed to check emails freely. The group that checked email only thrice was far more productive in answering emails than the other group. Why is this so? It is so because constantly checking inboxes promotes stress without promoting efficiency. So, go easy on the mail!

4) Taking breaks in between

Once every 90 minutes you cycle between being fatigued and alert. You need to learn to manage your energy with more effectiveness. This can be achieved by taking breaks in between your work. You can increase your productivity a lot by doing so. Use the breaks to do something constructive like socializing or going for a walk or exercising. Nobody can achieve the world by constantly slogging at the work desk.

5) Sleep should be a priority

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People lose productivity when they are underslept. Inadequate sleep sucks out energy, concentration and focus out of you. Sleep affects almost all aspects of your life. If you happen to wake up in the morning by 7 am, you should make it a point to be fast asleep by 11 pm at night. Your body needs time to take rest and repair itself. Computers and tablets affect your sleep, you may find falling asleep   difficult. So, it is recommended that you should stick to paper books prior to going to sleep.

6) Utilizing your lunch time

Use your lunch time to have a walk in your office premises if you have the liberty of time. Employees who walked for 30 minutes during their lunch break felt more enthusiastic and capable of handling stress when they returned to work. And this made them more productive.

So, this was just a glimpse to the habits of productive people. I am sure you want to become like them too!

How did you find the Habits Of Highly Productive People?

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