Top 7 Habits Of Mindful People


7 Habits Of Mindful People

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It is not easy to practice mindfulness. Even the most meditative people seem to be consciously practicing and making efforts to be mindful. Want to know the habits of mindful people? Keep reading!

Habits Of Mindful People

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1) They think differently and create change

When you think the same way, you will get the same results. Not changing your thought system and beliefs is a habit that most people-pleasing individuals have. You can change the world only when you change your thinking. See what needs a change in your life and create a new thought about it. You can write down what you want to change and start working towards it.

2) They know the power of habit

Your mind does what you tell it to do. If you begin your day with a thought like ‘What an awful day’, your mind will start working towards doing just that! However, you have the ability to stop that. Just think: ‘Today can still be good’. Over passage of time and practice, your mind will be able to run the ‘Today is a wonderful day’ program and work accordingly. So, at the end of the day you are what you feed your mind with.

3) They visualize in order to focus

Thoughts, feelings and emotions are stored in the mind in some format. Most often it is in pictures. If someone asks you to describe the best day of your life, what immediately comes to the mind is the picture, followed by the feeling and then the sound. The thing is that if you simply focus on the tiny details, it will not be possible to get the bigger picture right. You can make your next daydream a masterpiece with the help of visualization. You just have to colour it with all the details that bring you joy. You have no idea what can come forth if you lay the foundation of your idea in your mind.

4) They bring a change in their thoughts

Doing something repeatedly over a period of time makes it a habit. Now, how do you change a habit? Just the same way, by repeating it counter-clockwise! You become what you think. The most dominant thought becomes your dominant action. When you change the thought, the action gets changed. It may seem a tough mental task but it is quite simple.

5) They make most of the power of positive thinking


Don’t let negative thoughts in as they can cause negative actions. If someone says a negative thing to you, you can say “Pardon me, I didn’t quite catch that. Can you please repeat it?” The chances of them to repeat it are low as at that moment they were trying to be rude to you. As, the moment has now passed, don’t let it destroy you. An entire army of negative thoughts can be overpowered by one positive thought which is allowed to thrive.

6) They agree that perception is the truth

Your mind simply believes what it is told or what you tell it. If you told your mind a long time back that the sky was green, your mind will believe that sky is actually green!  For instance, if you focus on being grateful, and not on being correct, you will live a grateful life.

7) Their minds are open to new experiences

It is almost impossible to change someone’s mind. If you have ever tried it, you would know how difficult it is and how it makes you lose the purpose of your mind. In such a scenario, you can be more mindful by opening up your mind to another perspective. You should always keep your mind open to new and different opinions.

Hope you found these habits of mindful people interesting!

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