5 Habits Of People Who Have Successfully Lost Weight


5 Habits Of People Who Have Successfully Lost Weight

People who have successfully lost weight have certain habits in common. Their ways of losing weight could be different. Some people lose weight only by exercising say by yoga or cardio or weight training. Some do lose weight by following low carb diet or low calorie diet or any other way for that matter. But no one loses weight by a miracle. Ask anyone who has lost weight, he or she would agree that weight loss is not a goal, but a journey. A journey which is difficult, painful and full of highs n lows.

Today let us read about 5 Habits Of People Who Have Successfully Lost Weight. All the people who have lost weight have some habits in common which I am listing below.

5 Habits Of People Who Have Successfully Lost Weight

1. Tracking food

Tracking food is the most important trick of weight loss. One needs to have portion control to lose weight. It takes a lot of time in the beginning to track each and every bit of food that you eat. Sometimes people become so scared of food that they stop eating. But on a positive note, tracking foods helps yo stay focused and get results you always wanted to achieve. Myfitnesspal is one of the best tools to track food, I just love it!

2. Seeking community support

Losing weight along without a partner can be monotonous and discouraging too. Most of the times people fail to lose weight because other people comment and discourage a lot. Its extremely vital to have a moral support for anyone looking to lose weight. Successful weight losers seek community support through online portals, friends, family, Facebook group etc etc.

3. Creating routines and sticking to them

Discipline is one of the mantras one needs to live during weight loss journey. You can’t lose weight by just adopting healthy eating habits and workout regime for a few days. These need to be inculcated in your life as a permanent change. Weight loss is not a temporary but a lifestyle change. People who have lost weight know that they cannot go back to their unhealthy habits ever, they have changed their routines and now they need to stick to them.

4. Planning meals way ahead of time

How To Avoid Weight Gain During Work meal planning

People who are not bothered about weight will always think what to eat now! People who have lost weight always plan their meals in advance, arm their refrigerator with almost ready meals so that they don’t eat junk when they are hungry.

5. Cooking at home

Abs are made in kitchen not at gym – is a very popular saying that you would have heard of! Its absolutely true. Weight losers cook at home and indulge in the healthiest dishes when they socialize outside home. Weight loss is 70% diet and 30% exercise  , ultimately diet is the winner in weight loss .

If you wish to lose weight, develop these habits for a better journey. All the best!



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