Habits That Hurt Your Metabolism


Habits that hurt your metabolism

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You have been exercising right and eating right to lose weight but you are unable to see the results. If you are stuck in such a situation, you are probably doing things that are slowing down your body’s metabolism and affecting your weight loss goals. Here listed are the culprits:

Not drinking sufficient water

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In order to perform all the functions your body needs fluids. When the body is not able to perform those functions well, it is not burning the amount of calories it should burn. Also, you will burn more calories if you drink cold water as you body needs to work to bring the temperature of cold water to your body temperature which is 98.6 degree Fahrenheit. This means drinking hot water all time will not be as good at boosting your body’s metabolism as cold water will. 😉

You are low in Vitamin D

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Having low vitamin D will make your weight loss slower and your levels of the hunger hormone will be more. If you are not spending time outdoors you better do as you can get your vitamin D from the sun. India has ample sunshine so that should not be a problem! The early morning sun is the best to get your dose of vitamin D.

 You just do cardio

running for fitness

Since exercise is essential for keeping your metabolism ignited you are exercising regularly. But are you doing the right kind of exercise? If your workout is only running or cycling then you are not on the right track. Cardio will not help you in building lean muscles. Building lean muscles boosts your metabolism. So what should be done? You should include strength training in your workout routine so that burn more calories. Lifting weights is essential for weight loss.

 You eat mid night snacks

importance of sleep for health

Fitness experts always say that you need to keep eating regularly to prevent your metabolism from slowing down. But research also says that even not eating for several hours could be good for you. Now don’t get me wrong, this does not mean that you should stay hungry all day. I am talking about the time between your good night and good morning! You would affect your metabolism if you have a midnight snack. It is not a good habit for your metabolism. Try to avoid this unhealthy habit of mid night snacking.

Your Diet does not have caffeine in it

cappuccino- healthy eatind coffee day

Caffeine can help in giving your calorie burning a little push. This does not mean you should start gulping one cup after another of coffee! If you are already drinking tea or coffee frequently, just go ahead with it. Including them in your diet can help in keeping your metabolism running at a high speed.

 Your sleep is insufficient

how much sleep is enough

Time and again you are reminded of the fact that sleep is essential when it comes to weight loss. If you are deprived of sleep regularly you are sure to weigh more than those who get proper sleep. Why is this so? According to studies it has been found that lack of sleep can throw hormones that control your appetite out of balance. This can make you gorge more and will result in weight gain. You need to get a sound sleep of 7 hours at night.

 You constantly remain stressed

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Being constantly anxious and stressed is bad for your body’s metabolism. Your body will enter into fat-storage mode if you are stressed as the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ gets activated. But you just can’t avoid stress in your life once you hit twenty. Life is no more a ball as you have a career and relationships to build. You have to find ways to relax yourself. Read more about ways of beating stress here.

Did you spot the habits that hurt your metabolism?

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