9 Habits That Wreck Mental Health


9 Habits That Wreck Mental Health

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You can get depressed due to various reasons beyond your control. Loss of job, financial troubles or death of near and dear ones can be the probable reasons. However, there are daily habits too that can wreck havoc on your mood without your knowledge. Fortunately, you can change the habits. Have a look at them!


1) Slouching while walking

How you walk can affect the way you feel. Researchers found that people who were asked to walk with slouched shoulders and minimum arm movements had worse moods compared to those who walked briskly. They also found that those who walked in a slouchy manner remembered more negative things and were depressed. Lift your chin up and straighten up your shoulders to keep your outlook positive.

2) Taking pics of everything

This one is for the Instagram queens. Snapping pics haphazardly can hamper the way you remember the moments. A study was done on this and it was found that people remember more what they look at than what they photographed. Lens is like a veil in front of your eyes and you don’t realize it. Stop clicking too many photos. Period.

3) Not exercising

Couch potato-How Lack Of Exercise Affects Your Body 1

Researchers have found a connection between physical activity and depression. Depressed people are less likely to be active while those who are active are less likely to be depressed. Do you know that every time you are active, your risk of depression decreases by 6%. Move around more often. Take the stairs instead of the lift and keep moving.

4) Procrastinating

If you happen to be avoiding a task because it is making you anxious or because you are afraid of failing, then postponing it will only make it even more nerve wrecking.

Just before meeting your problem head on, indulge in some de-stressing activity like listening to music or reading a book. This will help reduce your anxiety.

5) Taking life too seriously

If you are someone who takes life too seriously, it is time that you unwind a bit and enjoy the little moments of life. Laughter is known to be beneficial to mental health. It is the best medicine for anxiety and depression. So, watch more funny TV shows, spend time with friends and share the laughter!

6) Not sleeping properly

sleep tricks

Sleep affects your emotional and mental capabilities as well as the functioning of your body. Sleep is how the body rejuvenates itself. If you are not sleeping, find out the reason and take the necessary steps to create a peaceful environment in the bedroom.

7) Not getting ‘me’ time

You are too involved with family, work and kids that you are not able to get some ‘me’ time for yourself. You must find some time for yourself, be it 10 mins or one hour or even a day. When you don’t give yourself a break, depression and anxiety would creep in.

8) Not talking to anyone

How Facebook Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself

Staying in touch with friends on Facebook and other social networking sites is not counting as talking! They are just virtual world conversations that by no means let us understand the other person. Not having face to face conversations with people is not a healthy trend. Make sure that you ‘actually’ meet a friend or loved one at least once a week.

9) Unable to live without mobile phone

Can’t stay away from your phone? Not a healthy sign! You get overstimulated with all the electronic devices around you and this prevents you from getting true rest. This can lead to depression or anxiety.

It would be advisable to abstain from using phones and ipads at least once a week. You need electronic detox!

Hope you found this post useful!

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