4 Practical Tips To Bring Happiness To Your Life in 2019


Tips To Bring Happiness To Your Life

Hey all… Wish you all a very happy new year 2019.

Finding happiness must be on your checklist as always for the coming year. After all, what is life without happiness? We are here with some sure shot tips to bring happiness to your life!

1) Nurture relationships

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Our relationships and social connections with people are one of the biggest factors that affect our happiness. You need to invest time and nurture relationships. It is almost like planting a seed and taking care of it as it grows into a beautiful shady tree! Here you can think of the old adage – As you sow, so shall you reap! What you put into a relationship is what you will get out of it.

Good friends are the spice of life. They are the source of our happiness as well as good health. Having less social contact can take a toll on your health. It can be regarded as dangerous as smoking and has double the risk of premature death when compared to obesity. However, you can get too involved in your busy life and let friendship take a back seat. For your own happiness, it is important that you take time out from your busy schedule and let relationships flourish.

2) Do not force yourself to think positive

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The whole world will ask you stay positive all the time. However, we should not run away from the reality. Studies reveal that the pressure to be positive 24×7 can actually be detrimental to health! When you deny negative emotions, you can end up with anxiety and that in return brings down your level of happiness. I am not saying that you should be negative. Being more realistic is advisable. Psychology says that in order to stay healthy, you need to accept the entire spectrum of human emotions.

3) Do a social media detox

Social media addictio-facebook

Spending too much time on social media sites is not the right thing to do. Looking at other people’s glossy life updates can depress you. For example, if everyone on your friend list seems to be attending so many parties, you will feel uninvited. When your friends post adorable pics with their partners, you would feel disappointed with your own love life. When there are photos of family holidays to faraway lands you would probably feel bad about not being able to afford one for yourself. You need a reality check here. Remember people are posting only the best things in their life. Nobody can have a 100% perfect life. Nevertheless, stop checking facebook and twitter updates all the time. You need a social media detox to be actually happy and live the moment!

4) Cease playing the self-blame game

facebook frustration

There are common memes such as ‘Be positive’ and ‘Happiness is a choice’. It can inspire you to be happy but at the same time can leave you with a feeling that not being happy is your own fault and you are not trying hard. Playing the self-blame game can ruin your happiness. So, don’t think that way!

Hope you liked reading this post on Practical Tips to bring happiness to your life!

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