Harmful Effects Of Ingredients In Your Skin Care Products


Harmful Effects Of Ingredients In Your Skin Care Products

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Do you use something special for your skin? You can get lost in the plethora of skin care products; there are that many! BB creams, CC creams, moisturizers, toners and the like have thronged the beauty world. In such a chaos it is difficult to understand which one you should go for! Most women use a face cleanser, then a toner and finally a moisturizer. This cleansing, toning and moisturizing is a daily skin care routine. But have you paused for a minute and cared to see what you are applying to your face?

Why fairness creams are harmful for skin

Skin care products contain a lot of chemicals apart from natural and artificial ingredients. The natural ingredients in the skin care products don’t tend to be harmful to the skin but in order to bind the natural ingredients, a lot of chemicals are added and they pose a threat to the skin in the long run. The damage they are capable of doing doesn’t stop with skin, your body can get damaged too. If you have looked at the ingredient list of your skin care products, you must have come across glycol-either butylenes or propylene. It is an ingredient that is commonly used. Let us focus on it in this post.

Glycol, whether good for the skin or not is a debatable topic. Yes, it does have moisturizing properties and helps in keeping the skin well hydrated for a longer time period. All body creams, sunscreens, lotions and cosmetics contain both butylene and propylene glycol as they are preservatives. What glycol does is that it locks in the skin’s moisture and prevents the moisture from escaping. This way it provides a moisturizing effect.

fairness-creams harmful for skin

Now let us see the other side of the coin. Locking in of the moisture is good but in moderation. Glycols make the skin look supple and fresh because they absorb the moisture in the skin’s top layer. But in the long run the layers of the skin start drying out as the seal does not enable the moisture to penetrate into the skin. This can lead to itchiness and flaking. Glycol can lead to skin irritation, dermatitis and hives due to the skin cells being moist. Repeatedly being exposed to glycol, especially propylene glycol can lead to skin allergies and sensitivity. You need to avoid using skin care products that contain both the glycols, especially your face. Propylene glycol and butylene glycol can easily penetrate the skin and can weaken the cellular structure and protein. Excessive contact with both the glycols can have severe effect on the body and can lead to brain, kidney and liver abnormalities.

According to the FDA, propylene glycol and butylene glycol are safe in smaller doses but overexposure to skin care products and cosmetics that contain glycols can be quite harmful.

So, you need to choose skin care products wisely. The best way out is to go all natural! Yes, Mother Nature has so many awesome gifts for us! It may be cumbersome but applying natural and herbal face packs is a great way out! Turmeric, sandal wood, milk cream, besan and the kind can be used as great skin care products. Go natural girls!



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