Headstands and its benefits


Headstands and its benefits

Top 5 Yoga Postures To Build Muscles-headstand

Hi all,

Have u ever been upside down? 😉 Shirshasana or headstands are very beneficial for overall health and posture. But you have to be very careful while performing this, I still do it under supervision, as I am still not confident doing it on my own.

If you are suffering from Slip disk or you are expecting, or any injuries, I suggest that you kindly avoid such extreme exercises.

Let me tell you some of the benefits of headstand and how it can get you addicted:

1. Get that flush:

headstand-poseIf you are feeling sluggish, skin feels tired and you need instant glow, a headstand is the fastest way to do that, trust me even make up cannot do wonders compared to what this super yoga asana offers you. The idea is that the blood circulation keeps your skin looking fresh and adds a natural glow.

2. Blood circulation:

headstandIf you face any knee pains, stiffness in joints or you do lot of weights at the gym, then to lubricate your joints and to drain out acidic fluids from the joints, headstand is the best way to conquer that. You will live longer and defer the pains which come later in life as a normal part of ageing.

3. Get rid of varicose veins:

varicose-vein-treatmentIt is said that the problem of visible veins which is somewhat hereditary can be reduced and can be calmed down by headstand. If you have veins showing up near your feet and have sensitivity, then no amount of topical creams and medicines can cure them, just adopt of healthy lifestyle and practice headstands. Of course, with a qualified yoga practitioner.

4. Age beautifully:

Little do you know, about losing age and losing hair on the head, it is a proven fact that people have witnessed less hair loss in fact, healthy hair with practicing Shirshasana. And beware if you are bald, you might just get the hair back 😉

5. Have super concentration:

When we are performing a headstand, our full focus is on the asana and how to balance ourselves. you can also take support of a wall, that is ok, but the whole asana requires lot of concentration, it involves your mind in getting rid of the fears, you balance on your shoulders or hands. This involves lots of concentration, which helps you in the day to day life and sharpens your brain. After all, a healthy brain gets you a healthy body.

6. Increase strength of shoulders:

headstand (1)Head stands not only give you a strong internal body and beautiful you,  but look again, it is a great stress buster, a strong mind and not to forget a strong torso, you get can rid of flabby arms easily. The whole body weight is on your arms, you are giving your body a total different workout and arms beat your body weight. This is a type of strength training.

7. Improve digestion:

headStandYou suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and often complain of poor digestive troubles, then look no further, improve your diet and increase your exercise. With headstands, muscles of the abdomen get working thus promoting a normal bowel system.

With so many benefits, I cannot ignore this asana, but a word of caution, practice with your instructor to get the right technique and to avoid injuries and do not perform this more than 15 minutes per day and relax in child pose after the head stand.

till then,

happy upside down,


Would you like to try headstand or Shirshasana for its benefits?

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