Heal Chakras With Pilates


How To Heal Chakras With Pilates?

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Our body has living, breathing energy centres called chakras. Energy is matter at its tiniest and most observable form. All of us are made of matter and hence made of energy. There are parts in our body where dense amount of energy exists. Those parts are called chakras. There exist 7 major chakras that are lined up along our spine beginning with the root chakra at the tailbone and ending with the crown chakra present at the top of the head. When even one of the chakras is unbalanced, all other chakras will suffer as energy gets affected by everything.

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What causes these imbalances?

Imbalances are caused due to stress in everyday life, painful experiences of the past that remain stuck inside the body. It gets revealed in the form of pain, disease and muscle tightness.

By researching the energy centres it has been found that there are ways by which they can be healed. Movement is one way of restoring your chakras as your stagnant energy literally moves around. Pilates is regarded as one of the greatest forms of movement.

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Here are 5 ways to heal chakras with Pilates!

1) Strength

Pilates helps in strengthening and lengthening the deep muscles that surround the spine. This is the place where the chakras live. For a movement to heal the energetic body, it initially has to strengthen the physical body.

2) Flow

Flow is one amongst the main principles of Pilates. Flowing movement integrates the body, mind and spirit. In order to be able to flow, you must trust the mind and body and let the sprit release. Energy or the chakras is your spirit.

3) Alignment

Pilates was developed to strengthen the spine via alignment based exercises. The spine is where the major chakras exist. It is pure common sense that when you strengthen the home of the energy centres, the chakras get more balanced.

4) Mental concentration

While doing Pilates, you not only work your core, but also your mind. You start controlling your body with the mind by concentrating on one movement at a time. Doing so will help you in entering into a state of what is called ‘moving meditation’.

The body, mind and spirit become one and your energy settles into an easy state. When you develop this part of the body while exercising, you are basically killing two birds with a single stone. Doing so will make your workout great and will magnify the potential of the mind.

5) Breath

Though we all know the significance of breathing, Joseph Pilates had once said that breathing is the first act of life and the last. Breath is an important tool for healing and is also the spirit’s voice. Just take a moment to ponder over it – whenever we feel stressed out, anxious, or heartbroken, we tend to hold our breath. The energy required to breathe gets paralyzed by the emotion that gets a hold on us. Pilates teaches how to control and use the breath even while doing exercises that are super difficult.

Restoring the chakras requires persistence, dedication and awareness. There are always those moments of clarity, empowerment and connection; most of the time it is after an exercise session. Pilates is the body, mind and core exercise discipline that will make you feel powerful, awakened and realigned.

Ready to heal chakras with Pilates?

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