Ways To Heal Chronic Stress


How To Heal Chronic Stress?

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The doctor’s clinic is frequently visited by individuals with chronic stress, depression and anxiety. Thanks to the stressful relationships and jobs these days.


It is the society at large that makes all of us stressed. There is this rat race that seems to be heading nowhere! Competition is good only when it is healthy. It shouldn’t hurt your inner joy and peace.

People are stuck in a toxic lifestyle. Do you know that stress is linked with depression, heart disease and even cancer? Most often this stress is caused by you because you don’t say ‘no’ to anything. The to-do list seems never ending and multitasking ensues.


We have to fix this problem!

You would have heard umpteen times that to handle stress you need to eat well, sleep well, exercise, meditate, give up alcohol and smoking. Are these changes easy to make?

Let me tell you how to handle stress as it comes. Check out these 3 ways to heal chronic stress:

Let things go

Stress revolves around our feelings and emotions. Sometimes we are the ones who create the stress without even realizing it. The way out is to learn to let things go.

Situations get worsened with our stress and drama. Life becomes easier when we acknowledge a situation and then release it out. This way life becomes easier.

Giving an example here: You are stuck in peak time traffic. If you react negatively, you will only get stressed out. It would be better to acknowledge the traffic and not react to it. Just accept it and see how the situation turns easier to handle.

Do things you love

Painting to relieve stress

People often tend to forget their true passion. You need to rekindle the love for your hobbies and passions. Bring them to the forefront and see how your stress just melts away.

When you do something with all your heart, it happens effortlessly. Just try cooking a meal with love and passion and see how delicious it turns out. Do the same with no involvement, your food will never taste good. The stress inside us affects the flavour of the food.

Sing more often

We adults don’t sing too often but it is one thing that is very therapeutic. Singing is known to release vibrations that break up the blockages in us. It need not be the song of a nightingale, the mere act of singing is enough to push the stagnant energy that causes stress.

Woman-Singing benefits of singing

Just hum your favourite tune when you are stuck with something the next time. The situation will turn out to be less stressful.

This life is yours! You need to make it beautiful. Don’t try to control everything. Let life unfold the way it wants to. Try doing the above things and see the difference. The best part is that all mentioned above comes free! You need not pay anything from your pocket. And the returns you get are just too good! If you need more care, you can always visit the doctor!

Hope you liked this post on how to heal chronic stress!

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