Heal Yourself With White Light Meditation


Heal yourself with white light meditation

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When you want to connect with your inner self, meditation is the best option. Regular meditation makes one feel energized, rejuvenated and totally transformed. You can enjoy natural healing with white light meditation (It is called Jyoti Dhyana in Sanskrit).


White light meditation helps in controlling emotions and anger. Here is a step by step guide of how to go about white light meditation.

  1. Sit down in a calm and quiet place.
  2. Your sitting position should be upright. Your spine and neck should be straight. Choose a seated pose that you are comfortable with (there are a lot of sitting poses in yoga).
  3. To indulge in deep meditation, play soft music in the background.
  4. Your hands can rest on the thighs and the tips of the thumb and middle fingers of both hands should touch each other.
  5. Shut your eyes and take ten deep breaths.
  6. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
  7. When you inhale, feel the air getting filled in your chest along with peace and serenity.
  8. While exhaling expel all the negative emotions that are stress, worries and anxiety.
  9. Repeat the above steps 5 times.
  10. Keep your eyes closed and try to feel a pale blue light on top of your head.
  11. Feel the warmth.
  12. Once you start feeling the warmth spreading, let it enter your body through your brain.
  13. Allow it to flow clockwise, enabling it to cleanse your brain totally. Do this till you start feeling light.
  14. Now, let it flow into your body’s different chakras (there are 7 chakras in the body).
  15. Feel the energy fill inside each and every chakra of yours and allow the energy to cleanse and decongest each one, before letting the energy to flow out of it and enter the next chakra.
  16. Feel the energy swoosh and swirl, and clean your body’s chakras in a vigorous manner. Let the cleaning happen until you feel very light and completely recharged.
  17. Allow the energy to travel into your thighs, down your calves, and finally into the toes of your feet.
  18. After this is over, you should allow the light to travel in a straight line from the ground where you are sitting back to your head.
  19. Feel it moving swiftly across the 7 powerful chakras and ultimately filling in your brain.
  20.  Allow the energy to make a quick swirl in the clockwise direction, and then feel it exploding out through your head and leaving you completely calm and relaxed.
  21. Join your hands in Namaskar Mudra.
  22. Thank the almighty for letting you experience the divine calmness.
  23. Rub your palms till they get heated up.
  24. Place them on your closed eyes.
  25. Slowly, open your eyes and feel rejuvenated and positive.

As a beginner, do this for 10 minutes a day and solely extend it to 30 minutes a day. It is best done when you are mentally relaxed. You can do this as soon as you wake up.

The benefits of white light meditation:

  • It helps you in getting determined and focusing on your goals.
  • It makes you stick to your vision.
  • It enhances self confidence.
  • It improves motivation.
  • It helps in overcoming obstacles that are obstructing your path that leads to your goal.
  • It helps you in having a clear thought process.
  • It helps in cleansing your core so that you can stay away from illnesses.

Unleash the divine power inside you and enjoy the benefits it has to offer. Awaken the dormant energy in you with white light meditation.

Are you going to try to Heal Yourself With White Light Meditation?

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