Know All About The Health and Fitness Secrets of Japanese 

How Japanese stay fit

Know All About

The Health and Fitness Secrets of Japanese 

I have always been fond of Japanese culture and the beautiful skin of Japanese women. I used to think that their flawless skin must be because of the type of food that they eat and boy! was I right! The trick was how they arranged the food ingredients, and that is something anyone can do anywhere in the world. Here I share the tips on the Health and Fitness secrets of Japanese.

Health and Fitness secrets of Japanese

  1. Make sure to eat food that is not dry.

Japanese have their rice cooked in water and prepare their meals with vegetables that have high water content. Their traditional meals also include hydrating soups. Compared to other countries consuming sandwiches (with have low water content and so are ‘dry’) along with coffee, which is an antidiuretic, the totality of the meals does not add a lot of water content to the body.

If you find yourself carrying around a water bottle as means to keep yourself always hydrated, you should take a look at the type of food that you are consuming and then shall you know what you should do. You shouldn’t drink water with meals and try to drink some other variants of beverages like herbal tea or warm drinks instead of just water all the time.

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  1. Combine food to optimize your digestive system

You should reduce the portion size of the meals that you’re eating. You should also include a variety of food products in your meals to get all the necessary nutrients required by your body. By following this, you also increase your satisfaction rate for different textures on your food palette, taste buds, and digestive system. The people of Japan eat a little of everything because they realize that they achieve inner peace by allowing the body to eat what it craves. Another trick that they follow is to make conscious food combinations that will enable the body to digest food easily. For example, when preparing fried foods, one should add foods like lemon, radish, mushrooms, etc. that ease the digestion of fats from fried food. That way, an optimal balance is achieved.

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  1. Eat seasonal foods and use probiotics

Protein sources are always constant in Japanse dishes, which is why one can spot a lot of soups, beans, and pickles in Japanese food. Instead of eating expensive imported foods, you should buy local and fresh and seasonal foods to allow your stomach easy digestion. By doing this, you will let yourself take conscious diet decisions that are healthy for you.

Another habit of the inhabitants of Japan is to trust probiotics for their food choices. Probiotics aid digestion and Japanese consumer these in the form of miso soup and fermented vegetables. Some other sources are pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut. If lactose is tolerant, you can also consume high-quality yogurt, which will also help in losing weight faster.

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Our Take-

In conclusion, what we need to learn from Japanese food habits is to focus on variety, season, and digestion of the foods that we are consuming, and soon we will be fit and have better health.

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