Health And Fitness Tips For Men Over 30


Health And Fitness Tips For Men Over 30 Years Of Age

The age of 30s could be described as the age full of responsibilities related to work and home which affects your physical appearance to a great extent. It contributes to a continuous decrease in the average life span of human being. As soon as the age crosses the bar of 30, the production of testosterone in men’s body decreases and hence you will start gaining weight and losing muscles. So, there is a much need for any men to keep an eye over their health when they come in the age of 30s. So, here we are going to discuss some health and fitness tips for the men over the age of 30 to maintain a healthy living.

Health and Fitness Tips for Men Over 30

Health and Fitness Tips for Men Over 30

Test your Testosterone Levels:

It is important for the men over the age of 30 to know about your testosterone levels. It has been researched and found that the testosterone level tends to decline by 1 percent every year in a men’s life. Symptoms which will make you feel that the time to test your testosterone levels has come are:
• Reduction in Strength
• Decreased Self Confidence
• Loss of Sex Drive
As a result of ageing, some of the symptoms are common for all men but it is recommended to go through a blood test to check your testosterone levels.

Portion Control:

According to many gym trainers and health experts, it has been experienced that eating more in a single portion is much more dangerous than taking it in small portions. Instead it is recommended to increase protein intake rather than consuming junk food as a part of your daily routine.

Bone up on your health:

Mostly, it has been observed that bone strength in women weakens to a greater extent as compared to men but if proper care is carried out, then the process of bone loss can be slowed down. To keep your bone strong, it is mandatory to consume about 1,000 mg calcium combined with 400 international units of Vitamin D.

Monitor Heart rate while exercising:

The potential problems and stamina of most men peaks in the age of 30s. It has been found that when you exercise, the heart rate gradually increases very fast and so there is a need to keep an eye which will help you in decreasing the chances of heart attack. The cholesterol levels are also need to be in full control by consuming healthy food rather than oily and junk food.


Yoga involves full body movements and stretching along with holding the posture for some time. This will help you to relax, get out of the work chair and you will be able to extract oxygen from your blood. The benefits of yoga include controlled cholesterol levels, blood pressure, prevent you from diabetes and will remove fat deposits from the walls of your arteries.

man-doing-yoga Health and Fitness Tips for Men Over 30

Another important factor that you need to be kept in mind is that you remain happy because depression can become one of the main factors that will let you suffer from any of the disease when you are at the age of more than 30. If all the measures to remain healthy are properly followed, then in the age of 30s or even 40s, you will feel the real yourself by being fit and healthy.

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