Incredible Health And Nutritional Benefits Of Salmon


Incredible Health And Nutritional Benefits Of Salmon

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You must have often heard that salmon is good for health but you must not have heard about its goodness in detail. Yes, salmon is healthy! Salmon is a kind of fish that is found in both salt water as well as fresh water. There are several species of salmon but we aren’t getting into that 😛 because we are more interested about the health benefits and nutritional benefits it has to offer. Salmon is a really tasty as well as heart healthy fish that can be enjoyed baked, broiled or grilled. Read on to find out more about this fish.

salmon health nad nutritional benefits

Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are a kind of essential fatty acid. Since they cannot be made by the body on their own, it becomes important to get them from food or supplements. Omega 3 is known to promote the health of the joints as well as the skin. Not only that, it reduces the risk of heart disease and helps in the neurological development of the foetus. According to the American Heart Association, adults need to have 2 servings of omega 3 fat every week in order to maintain good health. Fatty fish are a great source of omega 3 and salmon is one such fatty fish.

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Salmon provides a lot of protein. A single 4 ounce (113 g) serving of the fish has 58% of the daily requirement of protein. Salmon has a lot of essential amino acids that help in promoting the growth and maintenance of muscle tissue mass. The protein present in salmon helps the body in maintaining metabolism in a manner that promotes weight loss. Consuming salmon 3 or more times a week can help you feel full for long. You can enjoy your salmon with a serving of colourful steamed veggies for a dinner that is heart healthy. It will give you energy and ease your hunger pangs.

Vitamins present in salmon

For a healthy lifestyle you need certain essential vitamins and salmon provides you with that. Just a 3 ounce or 85 g baked fish fillet will provide you with more than 40% of your daily need of vitamin B12, more than 30% of niacin, more than 25% of vitamin B-6, more than 10% of thiamin and pantothenic acid. Vitamin D present in salmon helps promote healthy bones and teeth. It can also prevent certain kinds of cancer.

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Minerals present in salmon

Selenium is a mineral that is needed by the body in small amounts but it is of importance. A 3- ounce (85 g) serving of baked salmon roughly provides 505 of the selenium recommended for your good health. Isn’t that great? Selenium helps fight cancer, heart disease, mental decline due to age and diseases related to the thyroid. The same 3 ounce serving (85 g) of salmon provides 20% of the daily requirement of phosphorus. Phosphorous has numerous roles to play in the body right from building strong bones and teeth to maintaining healthy kidneys and heart.

Salmon is so healthy! Isn’t this a great reason to include salmon in your diet? Do not have it fried though as it would add onto the calories. For weight watchers, it is best to have it grilled or baked.

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