Incredible Health And Nutritional Benefits Of Tapioca (Sabudana)


Incredible Health And Nutritional Benefits Of Tapioca (Sabudana)

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Do you like tapioca pearls or sabudana? Well it is a common food to spot during fasts in India! Sabudana is made out of the root of the cassava plant. It is not just used in India but also in South American countries.

So, let us discover the Incredible Health And Nutritional Benefits Of Tapioca (Sabudana)!!!

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Nutritional benefits of sabudana

Let us discover its nutritional value first,

Macronutrient content

Half a cup of uncooked tapioca pearls contains 272 calories. It has very less amounts of fat and protein and 0.7 g of dietary fibre. Half a cup of sabudana has 67.4 g of carbs. It is recommended that adults eat 130 g of carbs a day.

Good iron source

Half a cup of tapioca has 1.2 mg of iron and this supplies 6.7 to 15% of the daily requirement or iron. Iron is essential as it helps the body make blood cells and produce proteins hemoglobin and myoglobin that supply oxygen to different parts of the body.

Gluten free

Gluten free

Gluten free diets are the in thing now, even for those who don’t have celiac disease. Those who are slightly intolerant to gluten also opt for going gluten free. Tapioca is made from a cassava root which is gluten free! So, it can be a part of your gluten-free diet.

Low in Sodium

Sabudana or tapioca is a low sodium food. It contains just 2 mg in a single cup. We consume a lot of sodium in our everyday processed foods. Too much of sodium raises the risk for cardiovascular disease.

Health benefits of sabudana

Helps improve bone health

Tapioca has the minerals calcium and iron in it along with vitamin K in abundance. They all play an important role in maintaining your bone health and improving flexibility.

Helps in keeping blood pressure in control

hypertension and health

Sabudana has another great health benefit to offer and that is its ability to maintain a normal blood pressure. Its potassium content improves blood circulation that helps reduce the strain on the cardiovascular system.

Helps boost energy levels

Many of you might feel that you lack the energy to keep going throughout the day. Tapioca helps you stay energized all day long and gets rid of fatigue. Well, that is something all of us need, right? One good reason to include tapioca in your diet! Tapioca gives a boost to your energy levels because it has a lot of carbs in it. It is a healthy and quick way of refilling your failing energy reserves.

Helps in weight gain

While most of you want to lose weight, there are some souls who yearn to get a curvy body. So, for those who want to gain some weight, tapioca is just what you need. It will help you gain weight quick and easy. It is the best for those who suffer from eating disorders or those who are interested in piling on some kilos. It is a cheap, easy to cook food that will help you in gaining weight. It is healthier than artificial weight gain supplements.

It prevents birth defects

Tapioca has vitamin B complex and folic acid that help in the proper formation of the foetus. It is known to protect against common birth defects like neural tube defect.

Helps improve digestion

Tapioca is known to be good for the digestive system too. It is known to resolve common digestive ailments like constipation, bloating, indigestion and flatulence. It also helps in keeping a check on the cholesterol levels.

Do include it in your diet!

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