Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Sushi


Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Sushi

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Even if you have not been to Japan, you would have tasted sushi! The world is a global village these days, you get eat different cuisines! Sushi can be a healthy meal packed with nutrients as it is made out of fresh fish, veggies and fibre rich rice. However, one wrong step in making it can add a lot of unwanted fat, sodium and calories to your diet. Let us have a closer look at sushi and its health benefits.

How healthy is sushi

Taking the calories into account

The traditional sushi rolls are made with raw fish, veggies, rice and nori (sea-weed) and all of them are low in calories. Consider a salmon cucumber roll that has ony 231 calories and 4 g of fat in it. A mackerel fish roll has the same amount of calories but only 2 g of fat. To lower the calories even more, you can start subtracting ingredients. You can remove the fish to make your roll a totally vegetarian one and also bring down the number of calories. You should avoid fried sushi and spicy sauces that are made with mayo as they will increase the count of calories.

Nori is packed with nutrients

The dark coloured outer sushi wrap- nori is an integral part of Japanese cuisine. It is a seaweed that is really healthy. In spite of being low in calories it is packed with nutrients. It has vitamin A, B-6 and vitamin C. It contains minerals like iodine. One study concluded that seaweed contains protein that can reduce blood pressure and is good for heart health.

Health benefits offered by fish and seaweed

Most of the nutrients that come from sushi are due to the fish and seafood present in the roll. Both tuna and salmon fish are healthy options as they are high in protein, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Mackerel fish has a lot of omega 3 fatty acids and selenium. Selenium is a mineral that protects from cancer.

Veggies and condiments

In order to boost your nutrient intake, you need to be on a look out for sushi rolls that have both veggies and sea food. Certain rolls like California roll include avocado and you know how healthy avocado is with all of its healthy fat. In order to increase your intake of fibre, ask for sushi that is made with brown rice in place of white rice. Condiments should not be forgotten. Do have pickled ginger along with sushi as it has a lot of health benefits. More on the health benefits of ginger-here! Please skip the soy sauce as it is packed with sodium.

How healthy is sushi 2

Drawback of sushi

Sushi does have a lot of health benefits but some kinds of fish have too much of mercury. When you consume too much mercury, you may suffer from problems linked with vision and memory along with hair loss and headaches. According to FDA, you should stick to salmon, pollock, catfish and shrimp. Avoid going in for fishes that are high in mercury like king mackerel. Even tuna, which is a sushi staple, has moderate levels of mercury in it. FDA recommends that you consume no more than 12 ounces or 340 g of fish in a week.

So, enjoy your sushi and have the things mentioned in this post in your mind.

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