Amazing Health Benefits Of Arrowroot Powder


Amazing Health Benefits Of Arrowroot Powder

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‘Arrowroot powder’- ever heard the name? You must have! It is a flour prepared from the arrowroot plant. It has been in use for centuries.; In Hindi it is called ‘araroot’. Now I will tell you my connection with arrowroot or the desi ‘araroot’. Whenever I am down with fever or stomach trouble, a packet of arrowroot biscuits lands into my room. My ever loving parents are always there for me and they ensure that I have a few of those biscuits and eat my medicines. But why arrowroot biscuits, you may ask? Well, to find out the reason you need stay tuned till the end!

Arrowroot powder benefits

Arrowroot powder is comprises of carbs and proteins. It has a great about of vitamins such as vitamin B complex and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and zinc. It also has lots of dietary fibre to offer and for this reason it is a great thickening agent. Want to know about its health benefits, right? Read on!

Arrowroot powder is low in calories

The powder contains amylopectin and amylase, which are 2 of the purest forms of starch. However, it is still low in calories and is a rich source of protein. Sounds like good news for all those who are trying to shed weight. The starch that is obtained from a single arrowroot tuber has around 65 calories. So, you can easily make it a part of diet!

It is good for expectant mothers

Arrowroot powder is a wonderful source of folate. It is a nutrient that helps in the formation of new cells in the body. And probably that is why pregnant women eat arrowroot powder. It helps in the healthy development of the foetus and is also known to prevent birth defects.

It prevents digestive disorders

Irritable bowel syndrome 1

Arrowroot powder is used to treat irritable bowel syndrome. It makes the process of digestion easy and keeps the whole digestive tract in good health. It also keeps diarrhea at bay. Arrowroot powder is gluten free and it therefore helpful for those who are gluten intolerant or have celiac disease.

Now do you understand why I eat arrowroot biscuits when I am unwell! It gets digested easily without being harsh on the digestive tract.

It acts as a wound healer

One of the best benefits of arrowroot is that it has the ability to heal wounds pretty well. Arrowroot can be rubbed on the wound to heal it in a short time and in an effective manner. The powder is also used to heal bleeding gums.

It keeps the heart healthy

The Impact of Excess Weight On Vital Body Organs heart

The high potassium content in arrowroot powder makes it great for heart health. It helps in maintaining normal blood pressure and keeping the flow of blood smooth.

Good remedy for urinary tract infection

UTI or Urinary Tract Infections seem to relapse even after consuming allopathic medicines. In most cases arrowroot powder seems to be a definite cure. When consumed in the amounts prescribed, it can help in getting rid of urinary tract infections.

Helps soothe sunburns

Sunburns occur a lot during summers due to the scorching hot sun. Arrowroot powder is one ingredient that helps in providing quick relief from sunburns.

So, after knowing the health benefits arrowroot have to offer, do keep arrowroot powder at home along with arrowroot biscuits.

Hope this post on the health benefits of arrowroot powder was useful!

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