Health Benefits Of Banana Flower That Are Impressive!


Health Benefits Of Banana Flower You Need To Know!

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This post is about the health benefits of banana flower. But before that a little about the banana plant. The banana plant is one of the few plants that can be used right from the stem to its flowers. In South India, you will find the banana plant decorating the threshold of houses where an auspicious ritual is in progress. Such is the reverence of the plant!

banana flower health benefits, Health Benefits Of Banana Flower

Apart from the yummy fruit of the banana plant, even the other parts of the plant have a lot of health benefits to offer. The banana flower is well known in India and other South East Asian countries. They are eaten up as vegetables and used to make tasty dishes out of it. The flavour of the banana flower is just like that of artichoke. Do you know that banana flowers are called banana hearts? Want to know the health benefits of banana flower? Hop on!

1) Wards off infection

Banana flowers contain ethanol based extracts and they protect against numerous infections. A huge thanks to these extracts as they hinder the growth of disease causing bacteria such as e.coli, bacillus subtalis and bacillus cereus. The banana flower is also known to assist the healing of wounds. A recent study also reveals that the extracts of the banana flower can hamper the growth of the micro-organism causing malaria. However, these claims are yet to get verified. So, let us wait and watch!

2) Combats free radicals

How Antioxidants Work On Free Radicals Damage

It is well known that free radicals in the body can cause some serious health problems. Free radicals damage the healthy cells resulting in accelerated aging, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and even cancer! You need antioxidants to combat free radicals and these antioxidants are present in the banana flower. The extracts of methanol in the flower are known to have antioxidant properties. Banana flowers work really well in fighting the damage caused by free radicals in the body. Thus, it prevents several diseases.

3) Reduces menstrual bleeding

Many women suffer from unbearable pain during their periods every month. Some women suffer from heavy bleeding while others have a severe PMS. How to deal with these problems? Well, the solution is eating banana flower. You can consume cooked banana flower along with curd to deal with menstruation related problems better. It is said to increase the levels of the female hormone progesterone in the body, thereby reducing bleeding.

4) Helps control diabetes and anemia

Consuming banana flowers helps in managing blood sugar levels. It is also known to increase the levels of hemoglobin in the body. Good for those who suffer from anemia. The effects of the flower on blood sugar are yet to be proven.

5) Have high amounts of vitamins and minerals

Banana flowers are rich in vitamins such as vitamin E, A and C. They also have the mineral potassium and fibre. This makes them a incredibly healthy food and a source of healthy nutrients.

6) Decreases anxiety and enhances mood

stress & weight gain

Why should you opt for anti-depressants when you can naturally deal with anxiety? Banana flowers are filled with magnesium thereby the reduce anxiety and improve one’s mood. The best thing is that these anti-depressants do not possess any side effects.

Hope after knowing its health benefits you will consume the banana flower on a regular basis from now!

Hope you found this post on the health benefits of banana flower useful!

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