Amazing Health Benefits Of Beans


Health Benefits Of Beans – Check them out!

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Beans are absolutely amazing! An inseparable part of Indian food, they are a delicious way to get plant-based protein and fibre. A party can hardly be imagined without the much loved ‘Rajma’ or kidney beans.


Want to know the health benefits of beans? Hop on!

Health Benefits Of Beans

Beans help in weight loss


Beans are considered to be a food which is very weight loss-friendly. Beans have a high protein and fibre content but at the same time are low in calories. Both protein and fibre are two very important nutrients needed for weight loss.

Consuming beans more often helps in losing weight. Studies say that people on diet that contains beans reported to be less hungry. They also were able to lose 1.4 kgs in 4 weeks.

Beans are good for heart health

heart health

One of the leading causes of death all over the world is heart disease. However, you can reduce the risk of suffering from heart disease by eating beans and legumes. Studies show that a diet rich in beans and legumes helps lower LDL cholesterol and protect the heart. Even other risk factors get improved, such as lower blood pressure, higher good cholesterol and less inflammation.

Beans help combat type 2 diabetes

diabetes- how to control blood suagr levels

There is evidence that beans can be a great food choice for those suffering from diabetes. They are high in fibre and at the same time very low on GI. Foods that have a low GI, raise the blood sugar at a slower pace and this is particularly important in diabetes management. Studies have shown that beans help in people with diabetes (type 2) due to the low GI and high fibre content.

Harmful substances in beans

Beans are a healthy food but contain toxins at the same time. For example red kidney beans have lectin that can cause stomach pain, nausea and vomiting. However, it is present only in raw and undercooked beans. Cooking beans thoroughly before eating can avoid the side effects of lectin.

Beans also have phytic acid in it that prevents minerals form getting absorbed by the body. But right cooking methods can degrade the effect of phytic acid.

Some people suffer from flatulence after consuming beans

Yes, beans causes stomach pain, bloating and flatulence on some individuals. This is chiefly due to the little sugars in them that cause digestive problems.

However, properly soaking the beans and boiling them well can reduce the levels of those sugars. Also, a study has found that the beans and flatulence connection is a bit exaggerated. Only 50% of the people who eat beans experience the symptoms.

Also, adding ginger and asafetida (hing) to your dish of beans can reduce the chances of you suffering from flatulence and digestive issues.

Beans are immensely healthy and nutritious

After evaluating everything, beans emerge as close contenders to the title of ‘perfect food’. They are very nutritious and immensely healthy. They have a bit of every nutrient that is required by the body.

The digestive issues due to it can be warded off with the right preparation and cooking methods.

Another big advantage is that they are really light on the pocket!

So, go ahead and include beans in your diet.

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