Health Benefits Of Being A Carnivore


Benefits of being a carnivore

The first thing that comes into mind of anyone that in order to live longer and be free from health issues such as diabetes, blood pressure, the only way is to be a pure vegetarian. The plant based diet is basically for someone is to change their food items to the processed food alternatives which can help you follow a staple diet and help you in reduction of blood pressure and diabetes as well.

Health Benefits Of Being A Carnivore

chicken and meat in high protien diet

Even with the plant based diet, many nutritional deficiencies can occur in our body for which we have to undergo some of the dietary supplements and capsules. Thinking, what could be better option or alternative to fulfill this deficiency?
Being a carnivore is the foremost option that can fulfill your daily nutritional requirements without taking any of the supplements. A carnivore basically means an animal that feeds on other animals and in case of human beings i.e. the person who is not a vegetarian. Being a carnivore include flesh eating like meat, beef, chicken etc. Although meat is always considered a possible reason of cancer, but any health benefits are also associated with it. If we talk about the previous generations, the people were stronger, taller and free from heart diseases, cancer, diabetes and obesity. The reason behind it was the calorie intake from the protein and fat, and the carbohydrate intake from vegetables and fruits.
Today, with a variety of unhealthy fast food, people have gone a bit far from nutritional fulfillment of the body. To fulfill the daily requirement, it has become necessary to consume non- vegetarian food now days.

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Some of the main health benefits of being a carnivore are:

1. Meat is easier to digest when compared to plants.
2. Non-vegetarian food helps you to gain excellent amino acid profile.
3. Meat allows post-gastric fermenters to get a variety of vitamins such as niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, B6 and B12. The vitamin B12 is an essential for having healthy blood and is presented only in the animal products. So, if you do not eat eggs, milk etc., then it’s necessary for you to consume vitamin supplements to gain this vitamin.

Some of the lesser known nutrients that can be gained only from the animal products are:

1. Creatine is only present in animal foods and is known for forming an energy reserve both in muscles and brain.
2. Carnosine protects you from many degenerative processes and hence functions as an antioxidant.
3. DHA and EPA is mostly found in animal products and are the active forms of Omega-3 in the human body.

So, of the many benefits, being a carnivore also results in production of antibodies that will help you in protecting your body from infections and strengthening your immune system. It is also rich in nutrients such as iron, Zinc and Selenium. Iron helps you in forming hemoglobin, zinc helps in tissue formation and metabolism and Selenium helps you in breaking various kinds of fat and chemicals in your body. The presence of vitamins A, B and D are also commonly found in non-vegetarian products.

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