9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Being In Love


9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Being In Love

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‘Love’ is the best feeling in this world they say! Apart from cozy moments and togetherness being in love and a healthy relationship has a plethora of health benefits to offer.

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Check out the amazing Health Benefits Of Being In Love!

1) It makes your skin glow

Yes, you read that right! Experts say that when you are in love, your body releases a whole host of hormones that include endorphins. Love helps in reducing the levels of cortisol-the stress hormone. So, when you have lesser stress you are less likely to suffer from skin ailments such as acne.

2) It fights depression

When you are with someone you love, depression will not be something that will bother you anymore! That is what common sense says but scientifically speaking love releases happy hormones such as endorphins and this rush of hormones helps in warding off depression.

3) It reduces ailments

It is said that couples who are in love suffer lesser from common ailments and are healthier. However, the exact reason is unknown but experts believe that people in love suffer less from ailments because their partners coax their better half to lead a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and health check-ups.

4) It lowers blood pressure

A study has found that people in a happy marriage or a relationship had lower levels of blood pressure in comparison to people who were single. However, the experts say that it is the nature of the relationship that determines how normal the blood pressure is. The study found that individuals in unhappy relationships had a high blood pressure just like those who were single.

5) It beats stress

Have wondered why being in love makes you feel as if you are flying in the sky? Well, it is the release of the happy hormones that give you this feeling. They help in busting stress too as they lower the levels of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ in the body. It thus helps in keeping you safe from the ill effects of stress.

6) It reduces anxiety

In one study, scientists took the brain scan of people in love and found that when a person is in love, his/her dopamine-reward area situated in the brain lights up. It is the place that gets activated when a person is really very happy, consumes a drug or when he/she wins a lottery! This means that the individual will have lesser anxiety as it gets overpowered by happiness.

7) It promotes healing

Yes, love can heal! This fact has been scientifically proven too. Scientists found that wounds tend to heal faster in those couples who have a loving and stable relationship. On the other hand, those who are in hostile relationships have a slower capacity of wound healing.

8) It increases longevity

Experts feel that individuals that have a stable and happy relationship live longer. It is said that love helps in providing the partners with a sense of security and the provision of sharing the load of life with. Couples tend to take care of each other and want their better half to stay healthy. It is said that at times just having someone by your side lowers stress levels and loneliness. Both are the common cause of depression and death.

9) It can make you stay fit

Love makes you fit not because it is magical but because you tend to take care of each other and even start working out together to achieve their fitness goals.

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What do think about love? Share your ideas too!

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