8 Mind Blowing Health Benefits Of Bilberry


8 Mind Blowing Health Benefits Of Bilberry

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Bilberry is a berry just like blueberry and cranberry. Fresh as well as dried bilberry fruit and also its leaves have been in use as medication for hundreds of years. Bilberry is a pretty decorative shrub that grows well in the moist moorlands of Europe , Asia and the United States.

Bilberry health benefits

Bilberries are sweet and taste delicious. They are strongly linked with blueberries due to their form and colour. Bilberries are loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Health benefits of Bilberry

Bilberry is anti-inflammatory in nature. It lowers blood glucose levels and is an anti-oxidant. It is being utilized as a medicine for more than hundreds of years. Have a look at the health benefits of bilberry!

1) Cardiovascular health

Bilberry is good for the health of the circulatory system. It is in particular good for varicose veins and atherosclerosis. Don’t know what they are? Well, varicose veins are cord-like, twisty, visible veins usually in the legs that cause pain in the legs and result in cramps due to sitting or standing for a long period of time. Atherosclerosis is the building up of plague in the arteries that can lead to high BP, difficulty in breathing on exertion, increase in heartbeat and exhaustion.

2) Helps in protecting the skin

Bilberry boosts skin health. It has resveratrol as well as quercetin, which are great anti-aging agents. The antioxidant properties protect the skin from free radical damage. Being fortified with vitamins B, vitamin C and vitamin E, bilberries nurture the skin.

The extract of the fruits and leaves are a much sought after ingredient in cosmetics. All this is because it is good for skin health. So, you will find it in makeup, facial creams as well as lotions.

3) Good for the eyes

Eating bilberries will not only make your eyes attractive but will boost vision also. This is because they have flavonoids that help in the blood circulation around the eyes. You will find bilberry extract in many eye care cosmetics.

4) Manages blood sugar and diabetes

Bilberry’s ability to manage blood sugar levels is its most fascinating property. Tests have been done on rats and it has been found that bilberry enhances sugar metabolism as well as insulin response.

5) Prevents formation of blood clots

The flavonoids anthocyanosides are helpful in stopping the oxidation of bad cholesterol, which is the main factor behind atherosclerosis (plague build up as mentioned above) and may result in a stroke or heart attack.

6) Improves digestive health

Bilberry is capable of fighting digestive problems and enhancing overall digestive health. Bilberry wards off indigestion, diarrhea, stomach infections and other digestive problems.

7) Strengthens the immune system

Having a high content of anti-oxidants, this berry fights free radicals and this in turn improves the defence mechanisms. Consuming bilberry is a tasty yet effective way to keep flu, colds, cough or even bacterial infections at bay.

8) Natural blood thinner

Bilberry has different types of flavonoids that keep the blood thin and are thereby helpful in lowering the chance of hypertension and strengthening the blood capillaries. This keeps vascular problems like angina and varicose veins at bay.

bilberry health benefits 2

So many health benefits! You must try to include these berries in your diet! They are delicious just like how most berries are. You can add them to your ice cream or to your desserts and enjoy the benefits!

Wasn’t it fascinating to know the health benefits of bilberry?

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