6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Body Massage


6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Body Massage

Do you visit the spa often for a body massage? Or do you get it done at home? Whatever way you choose, it is important to get a massage done once in a while because it has so many health benefits to offer. Here we talk about the health benefits of body massage.

Health Benefits Of Body Massage

Here are the Amazing Health Benefits Of Body Massage

1) It negates postural stress

You have to agree that we all lead a very sedentary lifestyle. The entire day is spent on the computer at office and that results in postural stress. The stress tends to manifest in the shoulder and neck. You must have observed that after a long day at office your neck starts hurting and you try to reach for the tube of fast relief balm 🙁 Prolonged periods of sitting by those working on a desk surface up as pain or weakness in the lower back. Don’t worry, there is a way out and that is getting a massage done. You can happily continue with your desk job as long as you get your massage done regularly.

2) It reduces muscle pain

Health Benefits Of Body Massage

When you have sore muscles, you should seek the help of massage therapy. Massaging helps in increasing and improving the circulation of blood. It is just like how you rub your elbow to reduce the pain when you knock it against the table. According one study, massaging is as effective as other treatments in alleviating chronic back pain.

3) It is soothing for those with anxiety and depression

There is nothing like the human touch. When the touch is safe and friendly and that of a professional it can be immensely therapeutic and relaxing. In one study, women who were diagnosed with breast cancer were given massage therapy 3 times a week, they reported to be less angry and depressed. In another study it was found that patients who were depressed and anxious were relaxed and happy after a massage. They also had reduced stress levels.

4) It improves sleep quality

massage for detoxification

A massage helps one in getting a restful sleep. It is also helpful for those who are unable to rest comfortably. Patients undergoing chemotherapy of radiation therapy feel relaxed and sleep well when given a massage.

If you are a new mother or father, you may be interested to know that when you give a massage to babies, they sleep well, cry less and are less stressed out. Probably that is why they are given a daily massage before a bath. There is no particular technique for the massage. Whatever the mother or father do to soothe the baby will be effective enough.

Coming back to massage for adults, when you feel as if your life has come to standstill you should get a body massage done. It makes you feel light and blissful.

5) It helps boost immunity

Massaging is known to boost the count of white blood cells in the patient’s body. White blood cells have a huge role to play in defending the body from illnesses. Massage is an easy way to stay away from diseases, isn’t it?

6) It treats headaches

post run headache

Try going in for a massage whenever you suffer from a tension headache. Massage helps in decreasing the frequency and severity of headaches due to tension. Even a single session is known to show an immediate effect on patients with chronic tension headaches.

What are you waiting for, go ahead and get a massage done!