Amazing Health Benefits Of Boldo Tea!


Amazing Health Benefits Of Boldo Tea!

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Are you in search of a rare as well as beneficial herbal tea? Your wait is over as this post is all about boldo tea.

The tea is made out of the leaves of the boldo tree which is a native of Chile. The tea has several recognized health benefits. The tea has been in use for several generations now for improving the function of the liver, enhancing immunity and promoting healthy digestion. Let us find them below:

1) It supports the health of the liver

liver -foods that are tonics for the liver

The biggest advantage of boldo tea is that it has a positive effect on liver health. The tea is known to energize the liver’s release of bile which serves several essential functions such as removal of waste and toxins through the liver just before they build up and start causing harm. Boldo tea safeguards the liver cells from toxins and free radicals due to its antioxidant nature. Being anti-inflammatory in nature, it reduces liver inflammation and improves the healing ability of the liver.

2) It aids digestion

Boldo tea has been in use since ages chiefly as a supplement for digestion of food. As it activates the production of bile in the liver, boldo tea enhances the breakdown of food. It calms down bowel cramps and works as a moderate laxative in order to reduce constipation. It boosts appetite and decreases the feelings of an upset stomach.

3) Reduces gallstones

As boldo tea has the capacity to enhance the production of bile in the liver, it is capable of reducing gallstones through the gallbladder before they actually cause trouble. As the quantity of bile gets enhanced, the gallbladder gets emptied often, reducing the elimination of gallstones just before they get too big and cause trouble.

4) Supports immunity

The body’s immunity is supported by boldo tea in several ways. Research says that it has several natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial compounds that assist the defence mechanisms in reducing infectious agents in the body. As an anti-inflammatory agent, boldo tea helps in relieving too much inflammation, this makes the defence mechanisms of the body capable of protecting the body without inflammation playing the spoilsport. The tea is also rich in antioxidants and this prevents free radicals from causing damage to the cells, thereby preventing them from getting infected.

Way to prepare boldo tea


A healthy cup of boldo tea can be prepared rather easily. You just need to place one teabag in a cup containing hot water. Remember the water should not be boiling. Allow the tea to steep for 10-12 mins. The tea is kind of biter, so you may need to add honey for flavour. Boldo tea is usually combined with yerba mate tea. Read about yerba mate tea here!


You need to exercise caution when you are consuming a herbal tea of any kind. Those of you who consume prescription medication, or are an expecting/nursing mother, should talk to a medical specialist prior to consumption of boldo tea.

Side effects

Follow the recommended dose when you drink the tea as a herbal medicine. The tea should not be given to kids. It is known to interact with blood thinning medicines, so you cannot consume the tea while on blood thinning medicine. The pure essential oil of the boldo leaves should not be used at all as it has a toxic substance called ascaridol.

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